16:24 GMT28 September 2020
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    Its high time the Ukrainian government resigns due to its negligence in causing the collapse of the Ukrainian economy, said reputed Ukrainian political expert Mickail Pavliv.

    The political analyst based his conclusions on statistical data that showed Ukraine exports to Russia totaled an estimated $17 bn in 2012 and 16,9 bn in 2013.  Pavliv stressed that the number has dramatically dropped since the Maidan revolution.

    “In the first six months of 2015, exports from Ukraine to Russia were valued at $2,76 bn in total. Old engineering agreements, expiring this year, make up one third of this amount,” he wrote.

    “This still makes Russia our biggest trade partner” he added. “By comparison, Ukraine’s exports to Germany were valued at 0.75 bn in 2015. In the second half of the year exports to Russia will continue to decrease, and by the end of the year the number is expected to fall below the 4.5 bn mark.”
    According to Pavliv, such a large decrease in the amount of should have already instigated the resignation of the Ukrainian government. If any other country found itself in a similar situation, such an outcome would be inevitable, he said.

    “It took the ‘new government’ two years to lose 12.4 bn in exports. And objective reasons such as changing market conditions have nothing to do with that” Pavliv said. “In any other country of the world this would mean the resignation of the government, parliament, and president.”

    On August 12, the Ukrainian government decided to expand its sanctions imposed against Russia.


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