01:03 GMT19 May 2021
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    Crisis in Ukraine (116)

    The Ukrainian terrorist organization Right Sector is planning a large-scale provocative action in Odessa that could match last year’s massacre in the city, according to information from the neo-Nazis’ closed groups on social media, TV Channel Zvezda reported.

    The Ukrainian neo-Nazis are planning the event on Sunday. Nationalists of all sorts are flocking to Odessa after one of their leaders spread rumors that anti-Maidan activists will allegedly organize a rally.

    Anti-Maidan activists denied that they planned a rally. Right Sector militants, however, don't believe that and are ready to brutally repress those who disagree with their extreme political ideology.

    The potential outcome could be a bloodbath on the streets of Odessa, similar to May 2, 2014 when Ukrainian ultra-nationalists brutally murdered 48 people in the House of Trade Unions building during clashes with anti-Maidan activists.

    As of late, the Right Sector has spiraled out of control. Last month, the Mukachevo shooting incident between Right Sector militants and the local police left three people dead and 13 injured. Right Sector leader Dmytro Yarosh blamed the local police for starting the shootout, even though Right Sector militants were driving to the town of Mukachevo armed with a heavy-machine gun on top of a truck.

    The armed clashes between Right Sector activists and the police, as well as warlike plans of the extremist group's members to get rid of the current government, have caused people to talk about the opening of a second front.

    Crisis in Ukraine (116)


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