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    At the crash site of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 near Shaktyorsk

    German State Media Echoes Anti-Russian Propaganda About MH17 Crash

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    MH17 Crash Investigation (252)

    After the release of a new video from the MH17 crash site German state media is talking about evidence of Russian guilt in unison with each other. At the same time, they deliberately concealed the fact that the video was cut, and that there was a combat fighter jet and some paratroopers in the air, Propagandaschau wrote.

    One-sided propaganda in German state media started with the first reports on Maidan square and persists to this day, distributing blatant lies and disinformation, Propagandaschau wrote.

    This time it is about a four-minute video which was shown by an Australian TV Channel and then “picked up” by prominent German media outlets such as ARD and ZDF. The actual duration of the video is 17 minutes. Its transcript contains information about the presence of a combat fighter in the airspace and few paratroopers — important nuances which ARD and ZDF concealed in their newscasts, Propagandaschau noted.

    In his report, ZDF correspondent Bernard Lichte stated that no one expected that the use of the air corridor over the territory in eastern Ukraine could be dangerous and that other airlines used it as well.

    Propagandaschau called the correspondent an "impudent liar." In fact, many airlines avoided flying over the area and were well aware of the risks, the media source wrote, adding that the German journalist deliberately missed the fact of the presence of a jet fighter and paratroopers in the air.

    ARD, for its turn, presented the new video in a propagandistic way, Propagandaschau wrote. It was talking about evidence of alleged Russian guilt but omitted the fact that the US and NATO have not yet published the data of black boxes.

    German media does not hesitate to use blatant lies and deliberately omits important details, which are contrary to Western propaganda. Those who view it as journalism, “have just gone crazy”, the media source concluded.

    MH17 Crash Investigation (252)


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