05:42 GMT23 June 2021
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    The Greek parliament has approved laws that have been forced upon it from outside. The legislation has not been even properly discussed and signifies the abolition of democracy, DWN wrote.

    The new legislation approved by the Greek Parliament was determined by the Troika and literally imposed on Greece without any proper discussions.

    This is the first step to abolition of democracy, which will be followed by others of that kind. The Eurozone is becoming a battle zone of peoples. Parliaments become a farce and do not take in account what people want, the newspaper wrote.

    The Syriza party organized a referendum, expecting that people would vote against austerity. Now when the desired outcome has been achieved and 60 percent of the total electorate voted against proposals of the international creditors, the country’s government does exactly the opposite of what people want.

    According to the newspaper, Athens should have refused adoption of the laws that were imposed on it from the outside and that are likely to cause even more damage to the country. The creditors’ proposals are nothing more than the continuation of a failed austerity program, which has driven the country’s economy to its knees.

    In order to adopt such laws, one does not need democracy. This would fit more to a dictatorship, the newspaper wrote.

    The Greek banks will remain closed for at least three months. And according to pessimistic forecasts of some experts, they may never open again.

    "As a European, I am ashamed at what was done. The Eurozone has moved several steps closer to totalitarianism," said financial journalist Frances Coppola, commenting on the issue.


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