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    German Satirist: If You Believe Propaganda, ‘Russians Will Come Soon’

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    German satirist Uwe Steimle made fun of the common propaganda statements, according to which Russia is an aggressor attempting to acquire more and more territories under its control. The difference between Russia and the West is that "Russians left" Germany a long time ago, while "American friends" modernize nuclear weapons on German soil, he said.

    During his performance, German satirist Uwe Steimle made fun of statements of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, the US actions in Europe and the Western propaganda.

    He started his speech in Russian and then made a joke, saying that the language could be useful for those who believe common propaganda statements portraying Russia as an aggressor and can imagine that “Russians will come soon.”

    He noted that Russians left the Eastern Germany a long time ago, in contrast to the so called "American friends" who "modernize nuclear weapons," on German soil.

    "There are people who are again talking about a total war," Steimle said, adding that the history should have taught Germans to avoid the war by all possible means.

    Meanwhile, the Americans supply defensive weapons to Ukraine. The very phrase "defensive weapons" sounds strange, the satirist argued.

    "It's probably such tanks which can shoot back," he joked.

    According to Steimle, the one who fuels the war must be responsible for the flow of refugees.  He raised his concerns about the fact that German taxpayers have to finance the weapons, used to destroy other countries and forcing people to flee to Europe.

    He suggested that arms manufacturers should bear direct costs for refugee camps, adding that Americans and Israelis launch wars, for which German residents have to pay.


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