01:05 GMT07 July 2020
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    Having just breathed a sigh of relief after finding a hopefully efficient way of defending itself from Russian submarines with the help of "gay propaganda", Sweden is on alert once again: what if Russia invades by air? Prime Minister Löfven, however, reassures that the country has a plan of action should it face “possible Russian aggression.”

    Sweden seems to be particularly obsessed with the threat of “Russia’s possible aggression.”

    Just recently, activists from the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society (SPAS) have resorted to 'gay propaganda' to fend off alleged Russian submarines which, they are convinced, are lurking in Swedish waters.

    ‘Singing Sailor’ uses anti-homophobia Morse code to deter Russian military
    YouTube / Guardian Wires
    ‘Singing Sailor’ uses anti-homophobia Morse code to deter Russian military

    They hope to rely on an animated neon sign of a dancing sailor in his underwear which sends out Morse code messages to passing visitors; curious sailors are regaled with the message: "Welcome to Sweden. Gay since 1944. This way if you're gay." Sweden hopes this queer way of saying hello will scare off Russian submarines.

    However, now the country is contemplating its phantom menace all over again: what if Russia comes by air?

    Green men and small dog.  Stockholm, Sweden
    © Flickr / Peter Fristedt
    Green men and small dog. Stockholm, Sweden

    Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has reassured the nation: Swedish defense forces have a plan of action in the event of “possible Russian aggression”.

    “The defense always has a plan of action and presumptive measures in the event of Russian provocations in the sky. It depends on the situation. These are the maneuvers and we assume that our defense is ready and have a plan of action in the event of possible Russian aggression,” the politician is quoted by Radio Sweden P6 as saying.

    The prime minister's comments came as the 2015 Arctic Challenge exercise kicked off in Scandinavia on Monday.

    Sweden, Norway and Finland are taking part in one of Europe's largest fighter jet drills, which is aimed at exercising and training units in the orchestration and conduct of complex air operations alongside their NATO partners.

    “These exercises illustrate that Sweden is participating in many events and has a certain flexibility, which is good. We need to build up our military might and such cooperation improves our preparedness,” said Stefan Löfven.


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