01:01 GMT04 March 2021
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    Kiev notified members of all volunteer battalions that they have to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard. If volunteers refuse to lay down arms, they will be disarmed forcefully and sent to civil service.

    Some officials of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry stand for using force to disarm fighters of the Right Sector nationalist movement if they refuse to be part of the army, Ukraine’s website Vesti reported citing a military source.

    The conflict between the Ukrainian government and Right Sector is progressing, Vesti added.

    Kiev notified members of all volunteer battalions that they have to join the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the National Guard. Currently, the Defense Ministry is in talks with armed brigades, including Right Sector. If volunteers refuse to lay down arms, they will be disarmed forcefully and sent to civil service.

    "If they oppose they will be treated under the law. According to Ukraine’s Criminal Code, bearing and the possession of arms and ammunition without legal authorization carries a prison term of up to seven years," the source said.

    Dmitry Yarosh, leader of Right Sector, is not responding to the demands. He stated that the training center of Ukrainian radicals will remain at the Desna range despite being informed that the building will be under construction and used for training Ukrainian servicemen.

    Right Sector representatives claimed they are victims of a political witch-hunt. They warned that the consequences of Kiev’s policy may be "deplorable" for the government.

    Earlier, Ukrainian authorities enacted that all volunteer battalions have to be officially part of the Armed Forces and the National Guard.

    Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said all armed units that participated in the military operation in eastern Ukraine had joined the army and there were no more volunteer battalions in Donbass.

    In late April, Right Sector members staged a rally near the Ukrainian president’s administration building in Kiev after Ukrainian forces entrapped the Right Sector’s battalion and demanded that its fighters disarm.

    They claimed that Ukrainian servicemen demanded that the battalion lay down its arms. In its turn, the Defense Ministry rebuffed the allegations and called them a provocation.

    The Right Sector was formed as a coalition of nationalist and neo-Nazi organizations during the Maidan protests in Kiev at the end of 2013.

    In November 2014, Russia’s Supreme Court blacklisted Right Sector as an extremist organization and banned it in Russia. Earlier, Russia launched a criminal case against Yarosh for public incitement of terrorism.


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