11:18 GMT11 August 2020
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    Russian and Western countries should cooperate against Islamic State through "globally coordinated actions aimed at destroying training camps of Islamist radicals," according to Milos Zeman.

    The Islamic State militant group poses a greater threat to Europe’s security than Russia, Czech President Milos Zeman said in an interview.

    "Politicians have different opinions on what is more dangerous to Europe’s security – Islamic State or Russia. I believe that Islamic State poses a much greater threat," Zeman said.

    "As US President Barack Obama said, Russia could be a strategic partner in the war on global terrorism," he added.

    According to Zeman, Russian and Western countries should cooperate against Islamic State through "globally coordinated actions aimed at destroying training camps of Islamist radicals."

    Zeman described anti-Russian sanctions as counterproductive, adding that after the sanctions were adopted Russian President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating rose.

    "We need Russia to be our partner, not an enemy," the president said.

    "If the situation in eastern Ukraine stabilizes, there will be a basis to at least reduce sanctions. However, I am for bolstering sanctions if the situation gets worse," Zeman underscored.

    The Czech president also supported the idea of decentralization in Ukraine and granting more autonomy to its regions.

    He also pointed out that the Ukrainian border must be controlled by the government.

    According to Zeman, it is no use for Russia to "annex" Donbass.

    "It would be political suicide for Russia. What would it get from that move? Only several starving people and the region ruined by war," Zeman said.


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