05:29 GMT19 June 2021
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    Saturday marks exactly one year since pro-Kiev radicals blocked anti-government protesters in Odessa's House of Trade Unions and set the building on fire by hurling Molotov cocktails inside. The tragic incident saw at least 48 people killed and over 200 injured.

    MOSCOW (Sputnik) — Kiev's adherence to democracy remains hypocritical, as long as the perpetrators of 2014 Odessa massacre are not prosecuted, the Russian Foreign Ministry's human rights ombudsman said on Saturday.

    Saturday marks exactly one year since pro-Kiev radicals blocked anti-government protesters in Odessa's House of Trade Unions and set the building on fire by hurling Molotov cocktails inside. The tragic incident saw at least 48 people killed and over 200 injured.

    "While impunity for this [Odessa Massacre] and other crimes committed by radical nationalists prevails in Ukraine, it's adherence to democracy remains fiction," Konstantin Dolgov wrote on Twitter.

    He added that one year after the tragedy in Odessa, Kiev authorities have not investigated the case and "no one has been brought to justice."

    On May 2, 2014, Ukrainian ultra-right football fans attacked anti-Kiev protesters, camping in the square outside the trade unions building in central Odessa. The football hooligans were soon joined by Maidan activists, who supported the pro-EU February protests in Kiev, and members of the hardline Right Sector grouping.

    The outnumbered anti-government demonstrators took shelter inside the trade unions building, where they became trapped by a mob that hurled Molotov cocktails through the windows, setting the building on fire.

    Many people jumped to their deaths in an attempt to escape the inferno, while others were finished off by the crowd outside, according to eye-witness accounts. At least 48 people died, and more than 200 were injured in the fire and clashes, according to government estimates.

    Moscow has been urging Kiev to conduct a prompt and transparent investigation into the Odessa tragedy since the day of the deadly fire.


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