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    Europeans Sympathize With Russia, Boil Over US – Austrian Media

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    Ordinary Europeans sympathize with Russia, despite constant criticism from European politicians and anti-Russian propaganda in major Western media.

    Many Europeans believe that the US government does not always adhere to democratic principles and sympathize with Russia, according to the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”.

    Despite the criticism from European politicians and the Western media, ordinary EU citizens express their sympathy for Russia, accusing the US of interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and the policy of double standards, the newspaper wrote.

    The author noted that the social network users have an understanding position towards Russia. In addition, they believe that the United States’ government does not always respect the principles of democracy.

    Thus, one can often see statements blaming Americans for their involvement in the Ukrainian crisis. “Why do they meddle? It does not go so well with their democracy. Guantánamo! Black people!” the newspaper wrote.

    In official discourse, these are members of extreme right and the extreme left groups who support this opinion. But in fact, there are a lot of Russia-sympathizers among ordinary people as well.


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