21:20 GMT18 January 2021
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    Troops were sent to Dnepropetrovsk to "maintain public security," according to army's official Twitter page.

    Two battalions of the Ukrainian National Guard (Ukrainian army) were sent on Monday to Dnepropetrovsk by President Petro Poroshenko’s decree, according to army’s official Twitter page.

    National Guard forces were sent to Dnepropetrovsk to "maintain public security," the army said.

    In addition, National Guard forces deployed in the town were placed on a higher level of alert.

    Media report suggested these measures were taken amid the threats of destabilization of the situation in the region and for protection of the state interests.

    Earlier several Ukrainian oligarchs have gone toe-to-toe over the country’s oil transportation operations company Ukrtransnafta; Dnepropetrovsk Governor Ihor Kolomoisky broke into the company’s headquarters, outraged with a change in management.

    Ihor Kolomoiskyi is one of the richest oligarchs in Ukraine. He has reportedly accumulated an estimated wealth of around $6 billion using questionable tactics in the fields of finance, oil, mass media and metal industries, such as hostile takeovers of his competitors.

    He was appointed Dnipropetrovsk Regional Governor after last year's coup in Ukraine by then-acting president Oleksandr Turchynov, who is currently the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council's secretary.

    Kolomoiskyi reportedly funds a number of Ukrainian volunteer battalions that have committed human rights violations in the southeast of the country, where they have been fighting against independence supporters alongside Kiev forces.

    Ukrainian politician and former Dnepropetrovsk businessman Oleg Tsarev commenting on the recent scuffle between oligarchs over Ukraine's oil transport company Ukrtransnafta said that the conflict may turn into outright street warfare and a new Maidan.


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