08:34 GMT11 May 2021
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    Lithuania's paranoid national atmosphere came to the surface on Thursday after police and border guards put two train stations on lockdown following a "signal" about impending Russian invasion.

    Two major train stations in Lithuania, one in its capital, Vilnius and another in its suburb, Naujoji Vilnia, have been shut down and cordoned off by the country's military after a train full of young people from Russia entered the country.

    "There was a suspicion that there are military personnel in the train," the spokesman of the Lithuanian Border Guard Service, Rokas Pukinskas told Lithuanian news site Delfi. He added that "a signal was received" that a large group of young people is heading into Lithuania by train.

    However, the train only contained Russian students who were heading to a maritime college in Kaliningrad through Lithuania, Rokinskas admitted:

    "Our employees checked the train, but all the passengers had valid documents and visas. We have no complaints against them, we can't not let them through our territory."

    In recent months, Lithuania has ramped up a campaign of paranoia against Russia, which pundits in Lithuanian media allege is about to invade the country. As a result, Lithuania has reinstituted a conscription-based military, conducted military drills against "separatists" and demanded greater assistance from NATO.


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