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    Punishing those individuals who are war criminals returning from the Middle Eastern conflict zone is becoming a pressing problem in Sweden, since there are too few officers to investigate.

    War Criminals Remain Unpunished in Sweden Due to Lack of Resources

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    War criminals returning from Syria and Iraq will not lose any sleep over criminal prosecution in Sweden, since there are too few police officers to investigate the suspects' cases.

    Ekaterina Blinova — Punishing those individuals who are war criminals returning from the Middle Eastern conflict zone is becoming a pressing problem in Sweden, since there are too few officers to investigate.

    According to Swedish media sources, almost 30 war crime cases are still pending at the International Public Prosecution Office, because there are not enough resources to carry out investigations. Six prosecutors are working along with only eight police officers, head prosecutor Tora Holst emphasized. She insisted that eight officers are far too few to handle the situation aggravated by the influx of former jihadi fighters returning from the Middle Eastern war zone. The head prosecutor noted that there are materials, suspects and people the office could interrogate, but the office cannot launch a large-scale investigation due to the lack of resources.

    Indeed, the concerns voiced by Tora Holst come only a day after Mouhannad Droubi, a former Free Syrian Army fighter, was sentenced to five years in prison, charged with aggravated assault. The man tortured his prisoner, a representative of President Assad's Syrian regime, while taking part in military clashes in Syria in 2012. Since Mouhannad received permanent residency in Sweden in September 2013, he was convicted by the Swedish court, prosecutors elaborated. Although he will not be deported to Syria, the former fighter will obviously lose his Swedish residencey permit, according to the court.

    Mouhannad Droubi is one of only three people convicted by the Swedish court for overseas war crimes in the last decade. However, according to some estimates around 130 to 300 Swedes have fled to Syria and Iraq since 2012. Those who return from the conflict zone are posing a tough challenge to Sweden since the Second World War, experts underscore. However, many of war criminals remain unpunished in the country that fails to cope with a growing threat.

    Terrorism Threat in Europe (269)


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