02:45 GMT26 July 2021
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    Syriza Party Wins Greek Snap Parliamentary Elections (49)
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    A coalition of leftist forces has won the snap general elections in Greece, garnering over 36% of votes and is now joined by a right-wing party in what is seen by some as “repudiation” of the European Union.

    MOSCOW, January 26 (Sputnik) – The victory by the leftwing Syriza coalition in the early general elections in Greece has been cemented now that they have formed a with the right-wing Independent Greeks party.

    "I am glad about that horrific democratic slap in the face that the Greek people have just handed the European Union," President of France’s National Front party Marine Le Pen writes on her Twitter page.


    Do you believe SYRIZA can fix Greek economy?
    • Yes, the EU fears Greece will exit the eurozone, so SYRIZA holds the cards.
      56.8% (715)
    • I don't believe in success of this particular party, but their victory marks the revival of Greece.
      20.0% (251)
    • No, their promises to reduce austerity are utopian and will not be accepted by the 'Troika'.
      14.2% (178)
    • No, nothing good has ever come from radicalism.
      9.0% (113)
    Voted: 1257
    With more than 36 percent of all votes, the Greek Left led by Alexis Tsipras will gain a hefty 149 seats in the 300-strong legislature, and with the Independent Greeks party of Panos Kammenos now onboard they will have an outright majority in parliament. 

    However, apart from their mutual opposition to austerity, the two parties disagree on practically every other issue.

    The centrist Potami (river) party was battling for third place with the Nazi-inspired Golden Dawn, whose leader and several lawmakers campaigned from prison, where they are awaiting trial on charges of participating in a criminal organization

    Prime Minister Samaras conceded defeat later on Sunday.

    Greek voters have long been unhappy about the austerity program imposed by Brussels and Berlin in return for loans to fund the country’s massive debt.

    The Syriza party pledges to scrap the politically-destructive belt-tightening loans program, pointing to a six-year-old economic slowdown. 

    Syriza Party Wins Greek Snap Parliamentary Elections (49)


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