01:08 GMT24 June 2021
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    Although encountering an alligator is about as common as getting sunburn in Florida, none of the cases in 2020 proved fatal.

    When visiting a post office to send a parcel, you would be within your rights to expect to see a man or woman of indeterminate age sitting at a desk behind a grille, ready to deal with your request and take your money.

    What you do not expect is a 7-FOOT ALWAYS-READY-TO-TEAR-YOU-APART ALLIGATOR lying on the floor in broad daylight.

    However, what might sound like some tall tale turned out to one customer's nightmare experience after running into the reptile on Wednesday morning in the Post Office at Spring Hill, Florida.

    The details on the “happy encounter” were provided by Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

    According to the statement posted on Facebook, the poikilothermic visitor entered the post office's lobby through the building's automatic doors in the middle of the night. The customer decided to socially distance from the animal - who had obviously misunderstood when it had heard that the post office was a good place to collect mail - and called the local authorities, who sent a trapper. As a result, the reptile was removed from the lobby and sent to where it naturally belonged. 

    Recent statistics show there were 12 alligator attacks on people in 2020, none of which were fatal.

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