18:15 GMT01 December 2020
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    A 15.5-foot great white shark weighing in at over 2,000 pounds “pinged” off the coast of Key Largo, Florida, Thursday morning before heading near the coast of Cuba.

    Unama'ki, the 1-ton great white shark tracked by research group OCEARCH, was reportedly hanging out near Key Largo around 5:46 a.m. on Thursday, according to the group’s records.

    The massive great white was originally tagged by the nonprofit research group off Scatarie Island, Nova Scotia, on September 20, 2019.

    OCEARCH recently questioned whether Unama'ki could be pregnant, as she appeared to be “making similar journey that 2 other mature female [great white sharks], Luna & Lydia, also curiously made.”

    Earlier this year, the enormous shark made a historic trip while navigating the Gulf of Mexico.

    “Wow look where white shark Unama’ki is! She has moved west of the Mississippi River in the Gulf of Mexico,” the nonprofit tweeted on February 24.

    “It’s the first time we’ve tracked a white shark to this area off the coast of Louisiana. Is this a whole new piece to the white shark puzzle?”

    Unama'ki’s tracker most recently traced the great white to the coast of Cuba.


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