18:20 GMT06 July 2020
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    While the tiny creatures are completely harmless for humans, they might become a major problem for plants and trees across the land because the eggs the insects are laying will destroy numerous branches and vines.

    Countless cicadas from brood IX will emerge from the ground after a 17-year hibernation, creating an immense noise across Virginia, West Virginia, and parts of North Carolina

    According to Virginia Tech, there are about 1.5 million insects emerging per acre, in an extremely rare display which hasn't been seen in the area since 2003-2004.

    "Communities and farms with large numbers of cicadas emerging at once may have a substantial noise issue... hopefully, any annoyance at the disturbance is tempered by just how infrequent — and amazing — this event is", the scholars stated. 

    ​The insects will be present for 4 to 6 weeks, mating and creating a new generation of the periodical cicadas, before dying out and covering the terrain with myriads of husks.

    The researchers also warned that "growers in predicted areas of activity should be watchful", as the swarms of insects might destroy numerous trees by laying eggs on their branches.

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