21:42 GMT +312 November 2019
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    Brown Snake

    Video: One of World's Most Venomous Snakes Strikes at Man

    CC BY 2.0 / chem7 / Brown Snake @ Australia Zoo
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    A fisherman in Australia managed to film one of the world's deadliest snakes striking at him while he approached it to make a video.

    Fisherman and popular YouTuber Robbie Alexander shared a video of an eastern brown snake, which is considered to be the second deadliest snake on the planet, striking at him. 

    According to Alexander, he took the risk of approaching the snake in order to break down a myth that snakes chase people and attack first. 

    'A Warning to Leave' 

    The video was filmed using a 20-metre long selfie-stick. When Alexander approached the snake, it lashed out and hissed. The author of the video believes that it was a "warning to leave." Moments later, we see the reptile becoming more aggressive and lashing out with its mouth wide open. The man makes another attempt to enter the snake's space which results in her snapping at him several times. After that, the snake hides in the grass. Alexander says that although the eastern Brown is the most dangerous snake in Australia, it won't bite people "for absolutely no reason." 

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