11:03 GMT28 October 2020
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    'Extinction Rebellion' Climate Activists Stage Protests Worldwide (13)

    Thousands of eco-activists are currently participating in an "international rebellion" movement that began on 7 October, calling on governments around the world to take action on the climate crisis.

    Climate change activists from the "Extinction Rebellion" movement undressed during a march in Melbourne, Australia which came as a recent bid to attract public attention to the climate crisis, as footage published by multiple media sources has revealed.

    Protesters took to the streets of Melbourne as part of the "Nudie Parade", wearing nothing but their underwear and slogans painted all over their bodies, while chanting “stop the extinction, start the rebellion”.

    The slogans painted on the protesters’ chests included “emergency: act now” and “we are overexposed”.

    It was the sixth day of protests in Melbourne, which saw more than 100 demonstrators arrested earlier this week after they disrupted the city with various actions, including chaining themselves together with plastic pipes and blocking major road intersections, according to The Age.

    The actions came as a part of a global effort to urge governments to declare a climate emergency.

    On Saturday, activists also took to the streets of Paris, occupying the space in front of the National Assembly, while demanding increased attention to environmental problems.

    Extinction Rebellion Protest in front of National Assembly in Paris
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    Extinction Rebellion Protest in front of the National Assembly in Paris

    In London, activists earlier pledged to create chaos in the city in order to attract public attention and force the government to meet their demands, by, for example, climbing onto the roof of the BBC building on Friday, while criticising the broadcaster for not “telling the truth” about climate change.

    The Extinction Rebellion movement was founded in the United Kingdom in May 2018, calling for government action to tackle climate change, to declare a climate and ecological emergency, as well as to prevent biodiversity loss, human extinction, and ecological collapse.

    'Extinction Rebellion' Climate Activists Stage Protests Worldwide (13)
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