15:05 GMT16 April 2021
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    The sea creature who was already swimming in the seas when dinosaurs walked the Earth has over 300 teeth that are sharp as razor, and is regarded as the prototype of monsters which haunted sailor’s nightmares in the past.

    Portuguese fishermen have managed to catch a rare shark which has already been described by scientists as a "living fossil."

    The so-called frilled shark has "unusual features," it was caught off the coast of Portugal's Algarve region and is believed to have remained unchanged over the past 80 million years, according to the Portugal News.

    Scientists said that this 1.5-meter-long fish moves like a snake and has more than 300 teeth that are as sharp as razors. The shark is thought to be a prototype of mythical sea monsters that are the traditional lore of sailors everywhere. 

    Scientists believe that these snake-like sharks are "little known" in terms of biology and the environment because they can be tracked at great depths in the Atlantic as well as off the coasts of Australia, New Zealand and Japan.


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