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    Two black holes on way to becoming one artist concept

    What Black Holes Would Look Like From Suburbia (VIDEO)

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    Even though astronomers have yet to produce ironclad proof that black holes really exist, many of them still tend to believe that they do.

    Physicists also theorize that near a black hole time slows down and space expands.

    This means that a black hole is able to distort the geometry of both space and time around it.

    The closer the black hole, the greater the distortion. So great that incoming light is sent on a circular orbit around it.

    Nearly 1,000 black hole-like anomalies have so far been spotted in the Universe. However, scientists believe that their actual number could run into the tens of millions.

    They also believe that most of the known galaxies are built around gigantic black holes.

    Luckily, our planet is located on the fringes of the Milky Way galaxy. But what if it was right at the center?

    Well, if scientists and Roscosmos artists got it right, this is the picture of time-space expansion we would see looking from the widows of our country houses outside Moscow.

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