17:22 GMT19 April 2021
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    Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell stated that emission reduction targets unveiled by the United States and China will hurt increase the squeeze on middle-class families and increase energy costs.

    WASHINGTON, November 12 (RIA Novosti) – Emission reduction targets unveiled Tuesday night by the United States and China will hurt US workers and increase energy costs, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell said on Wednesday.

    "Our economy can't take the President's ideological War on Coal that will increase the squeeze on middle-class families and struggling miners. This unrealistic plan, that the President would dump on his successor, would ensure higher utility rates and far fewer jobs," said the statement published on the senator's website.

    The American people "spoke loud and clear" against Obama's policies through the ballot box, according to McConnell, who also said the focus should be on reducing government regulations instead of pushing "unrealistic" emission reduction targets.

    "Easing the burden already created by EPA regulations will continue to be a priority for me in the new Congress," the Senator from Kentucky added.

    Democratic Senator Harry Reid, in a statement that clashed with McConnell's sentiments, applauded the deal as a historic agreement that might bolster efforts to clean up the energy supply around the world.

    "As I've said in the past, we cannot wait to address climate change and strengthen our nation's resilience to extreme weather and climate impacts. I hope this agreement will spur other countries to join with us in confronting climate change," Reid said.

    Republicans have traditionally opposed climate change restrictions, which they claim impedes economic growth, while Democrats have more aggressively pursued alternative energy sources and carbon reduction standards.

    The Republicans secured control of both chambers of Congress during midterm elections on November 4, which might provide them with more leverage in combating climate change legislation.


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