Products for the 2018 World Cup

Sputnik World Cup 2018 Products

Sputnik World Cup 2018 newswire allows you to follow preparations for the tournament as well as get coverage of all matches in real time in English and Spanish. This newswires offer:

  • Coverage from May to July 2018
  • Average of 50 news items per day pre-kickoff
  • Average of 100 news items per day post-kickoff
  • Live reports from every World Cup host city
  • Complete schedule and results of all matches
  • Exclusive commentary and interviews

Means of access:

  • Online via a web browser at (English and Spanish)
  • By FTP
  • By E-mail


  • English
  • Spanish

2018 World Cup Photo Feed

Follow the 2018 World Cup with Sputnik Images.

Sign up now for access to thousands of exclusive images from this year’s top sporting event, which will be covered by our award-winning photographers and journalists. This feed offers:

  • Coverage from April to July 2018
  • Over 30,000 photos
  • Around 300 photos from every match
  • In-game photos uploaded within 5 minutes to
  • Photos of all the major events, matches and national teams
  • Live on-site reporting
  • Customizable image settings

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