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    Products and services

    Products and services

    Sputnik (sputniknews.com) is a news agency and radio with multimedia information hubs in dozens of countries. Sputnik comprises websites, analog and digital radio broadcasting, mobile applications and social networking accounts. For subscribers, Sputnik news feeds operate around the clock in English, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese.

    The Sputnik news service produces over 1,500 news items daily and around the clock that are available to subscribers via the web terminal and mobile app.

    Sputnik Photo Service sputnikimages.com

    • Access to 1.7 million images

    • 700 images daily

    • New photos added 24/7 

    • New photos available within 90 seconds after our photographer presses the shutter button*

    • Archive contains rare photos dating back to the early 19th century

    Contact: info@sputnikimages.com

    * this is a world record among news agencies and is made possible by Blitz, the agency’s unique photo content delivery system. Blitz was originally developed for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. It also uses robotic photography systems and remote cameras.

    Sputnik’s network of high-tech press centers includes about 20 venues all around the globe and can establish video communication with any place in the world.

    The Sputnik design center is engaged in graphics, design, multimedia, 3D technologies and programming. Our highly professional staff has received awards and certificates at various prestigious competitions: the Communicator Awards, HOW International Design Awards, Malofiej, Information is Beautiful, European Design Awards, SND Best of Digital, ADCR Awards, Digital Communication Awards, and others.

    Sputnik provides information and analytical radio broadcasting around the clock in 30 languages in over 80 cities of the world in popular audio formats.

    The website sputniknews.com has over 20 million monthly users with 100 million page views.

    A subscription to our newswires is available only to organizations and media outlets. We appreciate your understanding.

    You can learn more about our products, discounts and special offers by emailing us at sales@sputniknews.com

    SPUTNIK Newswires

    Sputnik News Service/English

    Sputnik News Service: Russia/English

    Sputnik News Service: Russia, Ukraine & the Baltics/English

    Sputnik Arabic News Service

    Sputnik Nóvosti/Spanish

    Sputnik Chinese News Service 卫星通讯社

    Russian-Chinese relations/Chinese卫星社中文俄中关系信息专线

    News about Russia/Chinese卫星社中文俄罗斯信息专线

    International news/Chinese卫星社中文国际信息专线

    SPUTNIK Services

    For advertising please contact: sales@sputniknews.com