20:37 GMT29 January 2020
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    • Baseball bat
      Last update: 04:08 GMT 28.12.2019
      04:08 GMT 28.12.2019

      For Fox Sake Get a Grip


      I don’t get what all this fuss is about, over Jolyon Maugham killing a fox.

    • Elegant Escape being led in having won the 2018 Welsh Grand National
      Last update: 14:01 GMT 24.12.2019
      14:01 GMT 24.12.2019

      Are You Dreaming of a Red Christmas? The Sputnik Intelligent Punter's Guide to the Festive Sporting Programme


      Christmas is a time for worship, a time for family, friends and loved ones, for eating, drinking, resting and making merry. From 26th December onwards, it's also a great time for sport, with a packed programme of top-class football and racing action.

    • The Dr Seuss’ The Grinch Balloon
      Last update: 18:24 GMT 23.12.2019
      18:24 GMT 23.12.2019

      Am I the Grinch?


      Today is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year but at the risk of sounding like the Grinch who stole Christmas, isn’t it about time we all stopped spending on ‘stuff’ that we don’t really need?

    • Armed Police arrest the Homeless
      Last update: 13:01 GMT 21.12.2019
      13:01 GMT 21.12.2019

      Homelessness and Grotesque Wealth Cheek by Jowl – The UK’s Ugly Reality


      The grotesque inequalities which scar UK society were brought into sharp focus for me yesterday and jolted me into writing about a subject which has concerned me for many years.

    • People walk over Westminster Bridge on a rainy day wiht the Houses of Parliament in the background in London, Britain, December 20, 2019. REUTERS/Tom Nicholson NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES.
      Last update: 18:18 GMT 20.12.2019
      18:18 GMT 20.12.2019

      Bells Should Ring for Freedom and Sovereignty


      Of course, the bells of Big Ben should ring out on January 31st. In fact, I would like to hear bells ring out the length and breadth of the UK as we get our country back. The ringing would signal the optimism we should all hold of just how great this country will be. It would be a superb metaphor for the new UK that Boris says he wants to create.

    • Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his wife Laura Alvarez pose outside a polling station during the general election in London, Britain, December 12, 2019
      Last update: 12:07 GMT 19.12.2019
      12:07 GMT 19.12.2019

      ‘It Never Happened!’ Why Corbyn and Labour's Great 2017 is Being Airbrushed out of History


      The dominant ‘centrist’ narrative following Labour’s crushing election defeat last Thursday is that the party was simply ‘unelectable’ under the ‘extremist’ Jeremy Corbyn. Yet just two years ago, Labour, under the very same Jeremy Corbyn, saw its biggest rise in popularity since World War Two and was EIGHT points clear of the Tories in the polls.

    • Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon speaks at a counting centre for Britain's general election in Glasgow, Britain, December 13, 2019.
      Last update: 01:34 GMT 18.12.2019
      01:34 GMT 18.12.2019

      11 January 2020 is Scotland’s Democracy Day – Demand the Right to Choose


      Scotland’s elected First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP), Nicola Sturgeon, addressed the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday at the same time as the pantomime politics of Westminster got under way to elect a new Speaker and swear in newly elected MPs.

    • People leave the BBC building, in the corporation's West London headquarters (File)
      Last update: 14:10 GMT 17.12.2019
      14:10 GMT 17.12.2019

      BBC is Stuffed!


      I am having Turkey for Christmas but I understand that the bigwigs at the BBC are having goose. In fact, they’ve been cooking their own goose for ages now.

    • Britain's Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Boris Johnson with his dog Dilyn leaves after voting in the general election at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, London, Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019.
      Last update: 15:59 GMT 15.12.2019
      15:59 GMT 15.12.2019

      UK Election Lesson for US


      President Donald Trump has hailed Boris Johnson’s election victory as a “harbinger” for his own re-election to the White House next year.

    • An arrangement of UK daily newspapers photographed as an illustration in London on December 13, 2019 shows front page headlines reporting on the projected election result based on exit polls in the UK general election.
      Last update: 16:01 GMT 13.12.2019
      16:01 GMT 13.12.2019

      Gosh, What a Night!


      Boris is correct, absolutely correct: it was a “stonking victory.” The best result since the Thatcher years and in the spirit of the Lady herself, after our troops retook South Georgia in the Falklands war, we should “Rejoice.”

    • Opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, left, and Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during a head to head live Election Debate at the BBC TV studios
      Last update: 10:22 GMT 13.12.2019
      10:22 GMT 13.12.2019

      UK Divided More Than Ever


      The issue of Brexit has decisively won the day in England and Wales. But for Scotland and Northern Ireland – the other two nations that make up the United Kingdom – voters have become even more entrenched in their opposite position to remain in the European Union.

    • The SNP campaign bus travels along the Pass of Glencoe in the Scottish Highlands
      Last update: 06:08 GMT 13.12.2019
      06:08 GMT 13.12.2019

      Johnson Won But So Did the SNP – Britain Is Finished, Scotland Will Be Free


      What a bittersweet experience here in Scotland! It is well past 3 am on Friday morning and the SNP results in Scotland are devastatingly good.

    • Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson eats a portion of pie on the campaign bus after a visit to the Red Olive catering company in Derby, Britain December 11, 2019 on the final day of campaigning before a general election
      Last update: 11:42 GMT 11.12.2019
      11:42 GMT 11.12.2019

      Boris Wants a Mandate to Turn Britain ‘Around’… After a Decade of Conservative Rule


      It’s been claimed that over 10m people have watched the video of Boris Johnson refusing to look at a photo of a little boy lying on a NHS hospital floor but one thing of great significance in the interview seems to have been missed: namely when the PM said wanted to get on and ‘turn this country around’.

      Snap General Election in UK
    • An NHS sign is pictured at St Thomas' Hospital in front of the Big Ben clock face and the Elizabeth Tower on January 13, 2017 in London.
      Last update: 02:59 GMT 11.12.2019
      02:59 GMT 11.12.2019

      Weaponization of NHS Is a Disgrace


      A photo of a four-year-old boy on a Hospital floor is obviously distressing but how the heck is it Boris Johnson’s fault?

    • Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks to the workers as he visits a JCB factory during his general election campaign in Uttoxeter, Britain, December 10, 2019. Picture taken with a zoom burst. REUTERS/Toby Melville
      Last update: 17:52 GMT 10.12.2019
      17:52 GMT 10.12.2019

      One Photo May Doom Tories


      The heart-rending photograph of a little boy forced to sleep rough on a cold hospital floor because of bed shortages in Britain may cost Boris Johnson and his Tory party dearly.

    • Last update: 04:43 GMT 10.12.2019
      04:43 GMT 10.12.2019

      Thursday’s Election Is Crucial – Only the Heartless or Brainless Can Vote Tory


      This Thursday’s General Election should be a foregone conclusion. The Tories and their dishonourable, disreputable and despicable leader, Boris Johnson, should be electorally annihilated.

    • Sadiq Khan, Boris Johnson, and Jeremy Corbyn at London Bridge Vigil
      Last update: 01:43 GMT 08.12.2019
      01:43 GMT 08.12.2019

      Tory Cuts in Criminal Justice Services Have Brutal Consequences


      The wise words of the inimitable Oscar Wilde ring in my ears and urge caution as I write this column but the sense of anger and rage which courses through my veins and brain cells right now compel me to carry on regardless.

    • Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivers a speech to workers during a Conservative Party general election campaign visit to John Smedley Mill in Matlock, central England, on December 5, 2019.
      Last update: 17:04 GMT 06.12.2019
      17:04 GMT 06.12.2019

      Bungling Boris Runs Scared


      British Prime Minister Boris Johnson just can’t help it. He’s a gaffe machine. Put him anywhere in public view and he’s a one-man factory for churning out embarrassing own-goals.

    • A photograph taken in London on November 14, 2019 shows polling cards for the 2019 UK general election arranged as an illustration.
      Last update: 15:38 GMT 06.12.2019
      15:38 GMT 06.12.2019

      Car Crash Election


      Do you really believe that this time next week Corbyn will be in Number 10 putting up his curtains and raising the red flag over Downing Street?

    • U.S. President Donald Trump speaks as U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney look on during a bilateral meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on the sidelines of the NATO summit in Watford, Britain, December 4, 2019. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
      Last update: 18:47 GMT 04.12.2019
      18:47 GMT 04.12.2019

      NATO Dinosaur Plods On


      The splits and rancor at the NATO summit this week could not be concealed, even by strained calls for “unity”. The US-led military alliance is a dinosaur well past its extinction date.