14:57 GMT +313 November 2019
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    • A Russian soldier stands guard near a Syrian national flag
      Last update: 20:32 14.10.2019
      20:32 14.10.2019

      Russia to Salvage US Mess


      It’s going to be a precarious balancing act, but only one nation can possibly help bring stability to the chaos unleashed in Syria by US President Donald Trump. That’s Russia.

    • BBC
      Last update: 16:09 14.10.2019
      16:09 14.10.2019

      It’s all Fake News


      Without a hint of irony one of the stars of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, Nick Robinson, says that when Boris Johnson uses Twitter or Facebook to get his message out to the people he is using "propaganda like a dictator".

    • Wikipedia
      Last update: 15:58 13.10.2019
      15:58 13.10.2019

      Andrew Philip Cross: Wikipedia Editing Scandal Continues (But For How Much Longer?)


      Who is "Philip Cross" the notorious Wikipedia editor who has made so many people's lives a misery over the past fifteen years due to his relentless malicious editing of their pages and pages on which they are cited?

    • In a Friday, July 17, 1987 file photo, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom, left, makes remarks after visiting United States President Ronald Reagan, right, at the White House in Washington, D.C.
      Last update: 02:56 13.10.2019
      02:56 13.10.2019

      Thatcher Stole Essential Industries – Time to Take Them Back


      In every UK and Scottish election since 1997 I have helped to write socialist manifestos. Many of the policies which were dismissed as extreme or unrealistic by the grey suited middle class ‘mainstream’ have gone on to become ‘mainstream’ solutions to societal problems.

    •  Chocolate snack
      Last update: 16:28 11.10.2019
      16:28 11.10.2019

      Snack Attack


      Whilst Fat Head politicians of all parties have been busy trying to delay or halt Brexit, we as a nation are facing another crucial battle for our nation’s health and wealth as we have just been declared the second fattest nation in Western Europe.

    • Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he gives a closing speech at the Conservative Party annual conference in Manchester, Britain, October 2, 2019
      Last update: 22:39 09.10.2019
      22:39 09.10.2019

      Walk Not Talk


      So, let me get this right. Germany wants to take control of Northern Ireland and keep them permanently in the EU. However, Northern Ireland is an integral part of our union and will never be allowed to be sacrificed to the likes of Angela Merkel. Therefore, it is cut and dried, there has to be NO DEAL!

    • A US soldier stands guard during a joint patrol with Turkish troops in the Syrian village of al-Hashisha on the outskirts of Tal Abyad town along the border with Turkey, on September 8, 2019.
      Last update: 21:31 09.10.2019
      21:31 09.10.2019

      Betraying Kurds is the American Way


      US President Donald Trump is being roundly condemned by bi-partisan voices in Washington for “selling out” the Kurds in Syria. But the histrionics declaring that America’s honour has been sullied by Trump are, in many ways, absurd, given the long history of US double-crossing the Kurds.

    • Last update: 19:41 07.10.2019
      19:41 07.10.2019

      Ball in Trump’s Court for North Korea Success


      The breakdown in high-level talks between the US and North Korea last weekend shows that diplomacy between the two foes is at a critical juncture.

    • Last update: 06:27 07.10.2019
      06:27 07.10.2019

      Huge Indy March in Edinburgh – SNP Must Not Delay Calling IndyRef2


      If a crowd in excess of two million had descended on London to demand a Brexit No-Deal or a new Brexit referendum it would have been afforded wall to wall coverage on the electronic media and copious newspaper front page headlines and inside analysis across the UK press.

    • Democratic presidential candidate former Vice-President Joe Biden, left, and Sen. Kamala Harris
      Last update: 16:55 05.10.2019
      16:55 05.10.2019

      Age Limit for President?


      Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders is back in campaign mode after suffering a heart attack this week. But the incident does raise questions about an age limit for contesting elections.

    • Protesters hold banners during a climate change demonstration in London, Britain, September 20, 2019. REUTERS/Simon Dawson
      Last update: 18:43 04.10.2019
      18:43 04.10.2019

      Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!


      Yesterday’s red paint attack on the treasury by environmental nutjobs was an act of terrorism and should be condemned as a such.

    • The Prix De L’arc Triomphe
      Last update: 15:04 04.10.2019
      15:04 04.10.2019

      The Sputnik Intelligent Punter’s Guide to The Prix De l’Arc de Triomphe, Europe’s Richest Horse-Race


      It’s Europe’s richest and most prestigious horse-race, but this year it’s even more eagerly anticipated than usual because sporting history could very well be made.

    • Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as he gives a closing speech at the Conservative Party annual conference in Manchester, Britain, October 2, 2019
      Last update: 16:33 03.10.2019
      16:33 03.10.2019

      The Tories are the Party of the NHS? – LOL!


      I listened to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s forty-five minute speech intently. I even paused it a couple of times to answer two phone calls. I didn’t want to miss anything. To say I was underwhelmed would be an understatement.

    • Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson smiles after being greeted by French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace, Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019 in Paris
      Last update: 18:12 02.10.2019
      18:12 02.10.2019

      Boris is a Breath of Fresh Air


      What a difference a year makes, especially at a Tory conference. We used to have a Robot in charge but now we have a real leader, warts and all, who is putting forward an exciting vision for our country.

    • Eton College
      Last update: 15:43 01.10.2019
      15:43 01.10.2019

      Don’t Close Down Private Schools – Open Them Up to All Children


      The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has earned the right to throw off the Red Tory tag which for the last two decades has accurately summed up their policies and vision. Corbyn and his closest aides have dragged that party, often screaming and kicking, back to the radical anti-capitalist roots from which it was born.

    • Labour party supporters hold anti-Brexit signs during the Labour party annual conference in Brighton, Britain September 23, 2019.
      Last update: 16:45 30.09.2019
      16:45 30.09.2019

      Cavaliers and Roundheads, Brexiteers and Remainers: Welcome to The New English/British Civil War


      The English Civil War (or wars) of the 1640s pitted Roundheads against Cavaliers: today it’s Remainers against Brexiteers. The parallels are quite uncanny.

    • Scottish independence supporters demonstrate with All Under One Banner (AUOB) Cymru
      Last update: 04:59 29.09.2019
      04:59 29.09.2019

      The General Election Ahead Must Be the ‘Independence Election’


      I have been invited to address the massive All Under One Banner (AUOB) march and rally planned for next Saturday, October 5th, in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh. I spoke last year after over 100,000 had marched through the city in a sea of colour, vibrancy and hope for a new dawn, independent from the Westminster restrictions and shenanigans.

    • 16-year-old Swedish Climate activist Greta Thunberg speaks at the 2019 United Nations Climate Action Summit at U.N. headquarters in New York City, New York, U.S., September 23, 2019
      Last update: 21:26 25.09.2019
      21:26 25.09.2019

      Who is Controlling Greta?


      Is it just me or is Greta Thunberg getting on your nerves too? Why is this young woman getting so much attention and why are people taking her seriously? All kids worry about the end of the world then they grow up or am I being too harsh?

    • Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson gestures as leader of the opposition Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn (bottom) speaks in the House of Commons in London, Britain September 3, 2019
      Last update: 21:50 24.09.2019
      21:50 24.09.2019

      Don’t Let the Stitch-up Lose Your Faith


      No, I am not talking about the Court judgement today, I am talking about the whole bloody pantomime since June 23, 2016.

    • Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani at Downing Street in London, Britain September 20, 2019
      Last update: 21:08 24.09.2019
      21:08 24.09.2019

      Bye Bye Pinocchio Boris – Your Prison Cell Awaits You


      Tuesdays will never be the same. We have known for years Boris Johnson was a liar. It is a matter of record. What was confirmed on Tuesday, 24th September at around 10.40am is he is also a criminal. A criminal liar! The Pinocchio of Westminster! Within an hour #ByeByeBoris was trending on Twitter. Can Tuesdays get any better?