11:25 GMT +319 November 2019
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    • Salida de Reino Unido de la UE
      Last update: 17:05 27.08.2019
      17:05 27.08.2019

      Arise Sir Ben and Sir Nigel!


      What a great Bank Holiday weekend for us Patriotic Brits.

    • Britain's Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, arrive for the European premiere of the film The Lion King in London, Britain July 14, 2019
      Last update: 19:54 23.08.2019
      19:54 23.08.2019

      Harry, Meghan, Elton, Khan Stop Preaching!


      The inept Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has posted a video asking “Londoners to imagine what our city would be like without cars - with more walking, cycling & public transport.”

    • American flag
      Last update: 16:24 23.08.2019
      16:24 23.08.2019

      US Craves Insecurity & War


      It surely is the greatest Orwellian paradox that the United States is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. For the US is a behemoth that craves insecurity and war for its very existence.

    • Britain's then Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne leaves 11 Downing Street, in London for prime minister's questions, Wednesday, July 13, 2016.
      Last update: 15:00 23.08.2019
      15:00 23.08.2019

      George Osborne as Head of the IMF? It's as Insulting as ‘Tony Blair, Peace Envoy’


      According to Bloomberg, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will use this weekend’s G7 meetings in France to seek the backing of Donald Trump and other world leaders for former British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne becoming the new head of the IMF.

    • Almost 90,000 UK Children in Emergency Housing for Christmas
      Last update: 05:26 22.08.2019
      05:26 22.08.2019

      Homeless Kids in Containers – Tories Really Are Rotten and Rancid


      After years of cuts to local council budgets and criminal neglect of the need for new affordable social housing 585,000 children in England are homeless or at severe risk of homelessness while 120,000 children are being raised in inadequate, cramped and even dangerous temporary accommodation.

    • A Scottish Saltire (C) flies between a Union flag (L) and a European Union (EU) flag in front of the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 27, 2016.
      Last update: 20:29 21.08.2019
      20:29 21.08.2019

      Name October 31st as IndyRef2 Day – No Fear, Only Hope


      In the course of the Scottish independence campaign I was privileged to be invited to, and able to, address 121 public meetings and rallies in the ten-month period between December 2013 and the fateful referendum day of 18th September 2014.

    • Jeffrey Epstein
      Last update: 21:13 20.08.2019
      21:13 20.08.2019

      Sex Trap-Servility Complex


      The US mainstream media have moved hastily to shut down the Epstein affair as a prison suicide. End of story. Move on. And anyone who doesn’t move on but instead challenges the official story is dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist”.

      Jeffrey Epstein's Apparent Suicide
    • Last update: 16:37 19.08.2019
      16:37 19.08.2019

      Dry Your Eyes Owen


      Let’s get something straight: I cannot stand Owen Jones. I hate his sixth form politics. I despise his arrogance. I think he is an agitator. He condones violence against what he terms as Nazis, i.e. Farage and any Brexiteer.

    • The British flag is seen at half mast.
      Last update: 02:11 17.08.2019
      02:11 17.08.2019

      Anarchy in the UK


      We have anarchy in the UK but no mark politicians are too busy to notice as they jostle to become PM and deny us our democratic right to leave the EU. This country is literally going to the dogs and the swamp doesn’t seem to care.

    • Britain's opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn speaks at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival in Tolpuddle, England, Sunday July 22, 2018
      Last update: 19:01 16.08.2019
      19:01 16.08.2019

      Caretaker Corbyn: a Shrewd Gambit or a Big Mistake?


      Is Jeremy Corbyn’s proposal, of forming ‘a strictly time-limited temporary government’, to stop a No-Deal Brexit a political master-stroke, or a major miscalculation?

    • Last update: 14:43 15.08.2019
      14:43 15.08.2019

      American Crimes Against Venezuela Amount to Economic Terrorism


      It was an internationally significant event worthy of widespread coverage but my hunch is few, if any, of you reading this column will have heard of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit which took place in Caracas, Venezuela, on July 20/21st.

    • Boris Johnson
      Last update: 22:40 14.08.2019
      22:40 14.08.2019

      Go BoJo Go!


      How do you spell the speaker’s surname? I know it starts with B E R K but what comes after that? Whilst we are talking about spelling does this jumped-up EU lickspittle know how to spell Democracy or how about Tin Pot Dictator.

    • A riot police fires tear gas during a confrontation with protesters on Monday, Aug. 5, 2019. Droves of protesters filled public parks and squares in several Hong Kong districts on Monday in a general strike staged on a weekday to draw more attention to their demands that the semi-autonomous Chinese city's leader resign.
      Last update: 15:46 14.08.2019
      15:46 14.08.2019

      US, UK Hong Kong Hypocrisy


      Imagine the response if protesters were to smash up JFK or Heathrow airports, closing down international flight services. The US and British authorities would have culprits rounded up and jailed, or worse, shot dead on the spot by armed police.

    • WWII
      Last update: 17:05 12.08.2019
      17:05 12.08.2019

      Hiroshima and Nagasaki? – US President Truman Was a War Criminal


      The decision has been robustly denounced over the last seventy-four years but from sources roundly ignored, demonised and/or discredited with the full weight of the "mainstream Establishment" deployed to defend it, justify it and protect it from proper and thorough scrutiny.

    • A police officer stands next to a police cordon after a mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso,Texas, U.S. August 3, 2019. REUTERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez
      Last update: 19:48 11.08.2019
      19:48 11.08.2019

      Trump’s Grief Distortion?


      What was President Trump thinking of when he posed with a baby orphaned by the El Paso massacre? It’s such a horrifying, heartrending story. And yet here was Trump beaming a smile, giving the thumps up.

    • View London. (File)
      Last update: 22:05 09.08.2019
      22:05 09.08.2019

      Silly Season Before the Storm Called Boris


      I know that August is traditionally seen as the silly season by most newspapers and broadcasters but this year has surpassed all others by a country mile.

    • Football
      Last update: 18:20 09.08.2019
      18:20 09.08.2019

      The Sputnik Intelligent Punter’s Guide to the 2019/20 Football Season: Part Two - The Premiership


      The new English Premiership season kicks off on Friday evening when last season’s runners-up (and Champions League winners) Liverpool take on newly-promoted Norwich.

    • US Marine Amphibious Assault Vehicle (front) maneouvers during the amphibious landing exercises as part of the annual joint US-Philippines military exercise on the shores of San Antonio town, facing the South China sea
      Last update: 17:53 08.08.2019
      17:53 08.08.2019

      NATO’s China Double-Think


      The US-led NATO alliance this week designated a whole new hemisphere to itself for "security" operations. No longer merely an "Atlantic" organization, it’s assuming the role of policing the Pacific. Quite a self-promotion.

    • People react during a pro Scottish independence campaign rally, in central Glasgow, Scotland
      Last update: 06:07 08.08.2019
      06:07 08.08.2019

      McDonnell and Corbyn Are Right – IndyRef2 Is Scotland’s Decision


      As a lifelong socialist and ardent supporter of Scottish independence I simply cannot let the latest stupidity of the Scottish Labour Party in relation to the question of a second independence referendum pass without comment.

    • Bodies are removed from at the scene of a mass shooting, Sunday, Aug. 4, 2019, in Dayton, Ohio. Several people in Ohio have been killed in the second mass shooting in the U.S. in less than 24 hours, and the suspected shooter is also deceased, police said
      Last update: 19:52 06.08.2019
      19:52 06.08.2019

      Guns Do Not Kill People


      Like everyone else, I condemn the two mass shootings in the US. However, unlike the Democrats who could not wait to make political capital out of the tragedy or the MSM who didn’t miss a heartbeat in denouncing this as 'far-right terror' and repeating that the terrorist was white, I think the slaughter deserves more careful consideration.