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    •  A picture shows supertanker Grace 1 off the coast of Gibraltar on July 6, 2019
      Last update: 16:33 20.07.2019
      16:33 20.07.2019

      Hubris Before the Fall

      by Finian Cunningham

      Hubris is usually a forewarning of impending calamity. Extreme arrogance blinds the hubristic person to the limits of their power. So, blindly, they push on with reckless excess, leading to potentially disastrous results.

    • Boris Johnson, a leadership candidate for Britain's Conservative Party, attends a hustings event in Colchester, Britain July 13, 2019
      Last update: 22:59 19.07.2019
      22:59 19.07.2019

      Boris for Brighter Britain

      by Jon Gaunt

      I absolutely adored Boris Johnson’s optimistic vision for Britain speech on Wednesday night. He has many faults but he is bang on the money when he waves a kipper and declares that we have a very bright future out of the EU.

    • Pool in Bel Azur Hotel in Hammamet
      Last update: 14:05 18.07.2019
      14:05 18.07.2019

      Holidays are Important – Tunisia was Top Drawer

      by Tommy Sheridan

      Sadly not every family looks forward to this time of year as much as mine. We are in the relatively privileged position of being able to afford a family holiday each year and we share the delight with our in-laws and their children. That helps to make the two-week break even more eventful, enjoyable and memorable.

    • Military vehicles and equipment, parts of the S-400 air defense systems, are unloaded from a Russian transport aircraft, at Murted military airport in Ankara, Turkey, Friday, July 12, 2019
      Last update: 16:35 17.07.2019
      16:35 17.07.2019

      S-400 Ultimate Shoot-Down

      by Finian Cunningham

      The furious reaction in Washington to Turkey’s receipt of the Russian S-400 air defence system is motivated by several factors – all of which spell a heavy blow to US strategic interests.

    • UK police officers
      Last update: 21:11 15.07.2019
      21:11 15.07.2019

      Give us Back our Police!

      by Jon Gaunt

      Get ready for the hypocritical outpouring of sympathy for Theresa May in the next few days in the MSM. It has already started on the Biased Broadcasting Corporation and Sly News with personal interviews with the gurning face of the vicar’s daughter expressing her sadness that she didn’t push her Brexit betrayal through. Ooh diddum’s’!

    • A view of the Grace 1 super tanker in the British territory of Gibraltar, Thursday, July 4, 2019
      Last update: 17:51 14.07.2019
      17:51 14.07.2019

      Idiots Driving World to War

      by Finian Cunningham

      Like a person going up in an escalator while asserting they are going down, the British foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has a bizarre way of trying to assure Iran that war is not on the cards.

    • Boris Johnson, a leadership candidate for Britain's Conservative Party, attends a hustings event in Bournemouth, Britain, June 27, 2019
      Last update: 20:36 12.07.2019
      20:36 12.07.2019

      Boris, Suspend Parliament Now!

      by Jon Gaunt

      A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to grab a cheap deal and get away to Jamaica for a week. I really needed a break as I was quite literally fed up to the back teeth of the UK and our politics in particular.

    • Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK opposition Labour Party
      Last update: 18:54 12.07.2019
      18:54 12.07.2019

      Jeremy Corbyn is Attacked Because He is Anti-Capitalist, not Anti-Semitic

      by Tommy Sheridan

      It was sixty minutes of unsubstantiated allegations, disgruntled gripes, ridiculous verbal insults and pathetic accusations. Most of the dross was delivered with the sincerity of tears rolling down a crocodile’s scaly skin as it drags its latest unsuspecting prey underwater to be devoured.

    • Protesters tie the British colonial flag to the parliament podium after they broke into the government headquarters in Hong Kong on July 1, 2019, on the 22nd anniversary of the city's handover from Britain to China.
      Last update: 12:26 11.07.2019
      12:26 11.07.2019

      Hong Kong Protests: Let's Break With the Binary - and the Hypocrisy

      by Neil Clark

      The 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong's handover from Britain to China has been marked with anti-government demonstrations and a crackdown on protestors. The protestors' grievances shouldn't be brushed off, but UK government's stance smacks of hypocrisy.

    • Last update: 19:43 10.07.2019
      19:43 10.07.2019

      Trump Raps ‘Little Britain’

      by Finian Cunningham

      The extraordinary war of words between the US and Britain has demolished the long-held notion of a “special relationship” between the two states. President Trump has made it cringingly clear that Britain is not all that “special” and that its government can be treated like a mere vassal.

    • Last update: 16:34 09.07.2019
      16:34 09.07.2019

      Kim is a Wrong Un

      by Jon Gaunt

      When did our man in Washington, Kim Darroch, join the BBC?

    • A selection of British national newspapers
      Last update: 16:14 09.07.2019
      16:14 09.07.2019

      Murdoch Media Mafia Above the Law – We Need Leveson Two

      by Tommy Sheridan

      The dark soul of UK Incorporated was exposed in glorious fashion yet again in the contrasting responses from the political elites in Westminster to two big stories.

    •  Julian Assange supporters. London. 14.06.2019
      Last update: 12:35 07.07.2019
      12:35 07.07.2019

      The Kafkaesque Nightmare of Julian Assange and Chris Williamson

      by Neil Clark

      'Someone must have been slandering Josef K, for one morning, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested'.

    • Last update: 17:22 06.07.2019
      17:22 06.07.2019

      The Monster, the Oil and the Death Throes of Britain

      by Tommy Sheridan

      It becomes clearer every day. The stench of desperation emanates from the pores of the staunchest Union defenders like sewage from a damaged sceptic tank. The British Union is in its death throes. Independence for Scotland is now more certain than ever.

    • Police officer holds a sign during a demonstration against a proposed extradition bill in Hong Kong, China June 12, 2019.
      Last update: 18:00 05.07.2019
      18:00 05.07.2019

      British Arrogance on Hong Kong

      by Finian Cunningham

      Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has warned China of “consequences” over its handling of violent protests in Hong Kong.

    • Coffee
      Last update: 17:19 05.07.2019
      17:19 05.07.2019

      Sugar is the New Tobacco

      by Jon Gaunt

      Sugar is the new tobacco and is killing millions of people worldwide.

    • Revellers cheer as Australian singer Kylie performs at the Glastonbury Festival of Music and Performing Arts on Worthy Farm near the village of Pilton in Somerset, South West England, on June 30, 2019
      Last update: 19:03 01.07.2019
      19:03 01.07.2019

      I Hate Glastonbury!

      by Jon Gaunt

      I hate the Glastonbury Festival or ‘Glasto’ as the fans have now christened it.

    • Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks at a convention of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers April 8, 2019
      Last update: 19:45 29.06.2019
      19:45 29.06.2019

      No More Tripe With Trump – Time for Sense with Sanders

      by Tommy Sheridan

      The Cambridge Dictionary online describes the informal definition of ‘tripe’ as: “ideas, suggestions, or writing that are stupid, silly, or have little value”.

    • Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivers a speech at the Policy Exchange in London, Wednesday Feb. 14, 2018.
      Last update: 13:23 25.06.2019
      13:23 25.06.2019

      Boris Johnson: War Reporter

      by Neil Clark

      Tory leadership front-runner and Prime Ministerial hopeful Boris Johnson has done many jobs in his time, from editing the Spectator magazine to being Foreign Secretary, but it’s almost  forgotten today that he’s also been a war correspondent, reporting from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, during the time of the NATO bombing campaign.

    • Boris Johnson appears on BBC TV's debate with candidates vying to replace British PM Theresa May, in London, Britain June 18, 2019
      Last update: 17:33 24.06.2019
      17:33 24.06.2019

      Boris Blow Up Should Blow Over

      by Jon Gaunt

      Forget the ludicrous Operation Fear the Remainer Establishment have now unleashed Operation Smear. In the cross hairs is Boris Johnson but also any one else who stands up to their warped social engineering agenda like MP Mark Field.