15:33 GMT19 April 2021
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    Shamima Begum has had a makeover in her attempt to get back into the UK. It’s a case of the Jihadi bride saying ‘Yes to the dress’ and bye-bye to the Burka!

    But I’m sorry, I just don’t believe in the old cliché that clothes maketh the man or woman.

    Behind those trendy shades and western clothes don’t forget there is a woman who admitted that “when I saw my first severed head, it didn’t faze me at all.”

    She’s also a woman whose last clothing project was stitching Jihadi bombers into their suicide vests.

    It’s unbelievable that some liberal loonies are suggesting that her change of dress signifies a change of allegiance and that her world view may be changing and that she can now be rehabilitated.

    Well, I’m sorry, I am not signing up to this, ‘I’m a terrorist get me out of here’ view of the world.

    It’s going to take a lot more than a trendy T-shirt from the internet and a hoodie to convince me that she and the other traitors who left the UK for their ‘Islamist paradise’ should ever be let back into Blighty.

    Just as an aside, how has she got her hands on the clothes? I thought that one of the reasons she had to come back to plead her case was that she couldn’t attend via Zoom! I’m only half-joking but you get my point.

    Has Shamima swapped her allegiance from ISIS* to ASOS?!

    Twisted logic

    Now we have the bloke who sculptured the Orbit statue for the 2012 London Olympics saying that we as a nation are being racist in not letting her back into the UK because of the colour of her skin.

    Sir Anish Kapoor said,  ‘Let us for one moment imagine that four young white school girls from Wiltshire were enticed to go to Syria and join ISIS. ‘Would they be seen as terrorists or victims of terrorists?’

    Yes, mate, we would see them as Terrorists. It’s nothing to do with the colour of their skin.

    Warming to his theme the sculptor went on to compare Britain to ‘Soviet Russia’ and described Ms Begum's treatment as a continuation of “divide and rule” part of “the horror that sustained the British Empire for 200 years.”

    Oh, pleeeeeease pass me the horsehair shirt…… again!

    Of course, it is all our fault as we are a bunch of racist goons. The Empire was completely dreadful, we should all be ashamed of our past and of course it was only the Brits who practiced slavery. Of course, it is all clear now Anish!

    The sculptor has obviously forgotten the case of Jihadi jack, who last time I looked is a pasty white boy called Jack Letts from Oxford who also went to fight for the enemy.

    Or how about the ex-punk singer Sally Jones who recruited loads of women to fight for Islamic State* and was killed in an airstrike in 2017.

    Perhaps Sir Anish could get a grant off Sadiq Khan to make a statue of her and place it in Trafalgar Square instead of that ‘foul slaver sympathiser’ Nelson!?  

    Perhaps the other 400 ex-terrorists that we’ve already let back into the UK are also victims, and not villains or terrorist scum too?

    How much more of this hand-wringing nonsense are we meant to take?

    Forgive me, but I must admit that I’m much more concerned about the safety and security of women of all ages in the UK than the plight of Ms Begum in a terrorist’s hell hole of her own choosing.

    Let me remind you that only 40 of the 400 terrorists who have been allowed to return to the UK have actually been prosecuted. Most of the others are going through a system of deradicalization with the Government’s Prevent programme which is as much use as a chocolate fireguard in my opinion.

    Can I also remind all the bleeding-heart liberals about Usman Khan, 28, who was released from jail on licence in 2018, half-way through a 16-year sentence for terrorism offences. He then decided in December 2019 whilst at a conference on rehabilitation to leave the room and stab to death two young people and injure three others before being shot dead by the police on London Bridge.

    I would humbly suggest that we should always err on the side of caution and our government and judges were right to put the protection of the law-abiding citizens about the so-called rights of traitors like Ms Begum.

    Sir Anish’s views on Shamima are almost as twisted as his famous Olympic statue which I think is magnificent but his views on Shamima, racism and our history need a bit more realism and less of a Jackson Pollack approach.

    * ISIS (also known as Islamic State, or ISIL/IS, or Daesh) is a terrorist organisation outlawed in Russia and many other states

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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