19:06 GMT15 April 2021
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    We are at war! I am not talking about Covid. But I am talking about something that has infected every single aspect of our lives.

    Yes, we are at war with the Woke Cancel Warriors who want to impose their rules and values on all of us without ever putting their warped ideas to an electorate.

    Make no mistake this movement is not willing to compromise or take prisoners and they are certainly not fighting with Queensberry rules.

    This week the King and Queen of Woke, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, have attempted with their supporters in the MSM to take down the Monarchy. Let’s be clear if they feel they can attack the Queen there’s little hope left for the rest of us.

    Meghan and Harry give interview to Oprah Winfrey

    But it’s not just the Queen who is in the crosshairs of the cultural Marxists and Common Purpose woke warriors.

    This week we have also seen the Scottish Hate Crime bill, the sacking of Piers Morgan and the forced resignation of the director of the Society of Editors for defending the press.

    This morning Sharon Osborne has had to publicly apologise and self-flagellate herself on Twitter for daring to support Piers Morgan and then we have the suggestion from Jenny Jones that there should be a six pm curfew for all men.

    There is no crisis or tragic event that these people will not exploit to further their aims of undermining our society.

    The murder of Sarah Everard has rightly made us all concentrate on the fears that many women have of walking home alone at night. But the suggestion by Baroness Jenny Jones that all men should be subject to a 6pm curfew is bonkers, completely bonkers. Am I still allowed to use the term, bonkers?

    So, the decent majority are penalised for the actions of the violent minority? Nigel Farage says that the idea is ‘deranged’ and it is hard to disagree with him.

    Also, the woke warriors who support ideas like this are usually the same people who call for stop and search to be cut and are against much longer sentencing for rapists and murderers.

    If we want women and indeed everyone to be safer on the streets we need more coppers, more stiff sentencing and a much, much harsher prison system. If we really want to reclaim the streets then we need to get more coppers on the beat!

    Are you listening, Mayor Khan?

    However, instead of action from London’s Mayor we get more meaningless platitudes and statements of the blooming obvious with him saying that London's streets are not safe ‘for women or for girls.’ Well make them bloody safe, you Joker!

    The bloke who “runs” Wales Mark Drakeford is now also seriously considering the idea of male curfews in crisis?!

    Something is Rotten

    Just remind me how extensive were the curfews in towns like Rotherham, Bradford, Telford, Birmingham where young girls were being raped and sexually assaulted on an industrial scale for years.

    I don’t recall wall to wall coverage on the BBC and Sky news about these assaults or indeed the reading out of the names of the young victims in the Commons, do you?

    Now there are calls for a vigil in the centre of London for Sarah this weekend in the middle of a pandemic. I’m sorry but this cannot be allowed but I wouldn’t be surprised if it went ahead just as the police bent the rules for Black Lives Matter.

    Meanwhile, The Hate crime bill in Scotland is basically turning North of the Border into North Korea. The Scottish will not even have freedom of speech in their own homes. How long before they get our kids to inform on us?

    This fascist bill gives more protection to the rights of men who dress as women than women themselves? Run that past me again!

    Mind you nothing should surprise us in wee Nicola’s State after the Alec Salmond trial and the events of the past couple of weeks in the Scottish Parliament.

    What’s that line in Hamlet? “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

    There is also still something rotten in the state of the Royal Family. The queen is taking charge and is going to personally investigate The King and Queen of Woke's allegation of racism and racist remarks.

    May I humbly suggest to her Majesty that she should start with Harry and his penchant for dressing up as a Nazi a few years ago and calling one of his mates in the Army a PA*I?

    No wonder Prince William hit back when questioned yesterday with the line ‘we are very much not a racist family.”

    It was up there with the Queen’s line of “Whilst some recollections may vary” putdown of Harry and Meghan’s vicious smears with Oprah.

    When are the media and TV broadcaster going to grow a pair, if I’m still allowed to use that phrase?

    Why did ITV capitulate to a complaint from Meghan? This sets a dangerous precedent especially when poll after poll shows that the majority of people in the UK agreed with Piers Morgan’s summary of the Oprah interview as bilge.

    All week the BBC has been practically wearing black armbands and have abandoned all pretence of impartiality over the Meghan programme. She is the high Goddess of Woke and of course Piers and the rest of the UK are the villains and knuckle-dragging racists!

    Of course, all revolutions start with taking over the TV and radio stations, don’t they?

    The only bright news in this tsunami of wokery is that the deeply unfunny Nish Kumar has had his crap lefty biased comedy show cancelled by the BBC.

    The week started with an attempt to cancel Her Majesty, then Nicola cancelled free speech in Scotland, ITV cancelled Piers Morgan and now the green Greens and Mark Drakeford are considering cancelling men!

    Welcome to the UK in 2021 or is it 1984?!

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