07:33 GMT25 February 2021
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    All this talk of ‘can I book a holiday’ is getting on my ‘booking’ nerves!

    The answer is simple, you would be a ‘booking’ clown to plan your holiday yet as we are still in the grip of the pandemic that is killing thousands of people.

    It’s the same with the reopening of schools. How can he give a firm date yet?

    I also don’t think he will roll out any kind of date-specific roadmap on February 22 either and I don’t blame him. However, he should stop pretending that he will do.

    It can only be an aspirational escape route full of caveats, as the virus is unpredictable. Just look at Melbourne where the whole state of Victoria has gone back into a five day lockdown because someone has obviously broken the rules in the quarantine hotel.

    I have been one of Boris’ harshest critics right from the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve had a go at him especially about his dithering and delaying and his disastrous decision to let Cheltenham go ahead, not close the airports in March, and the lack of PPE and a decent tracking system.

    But it has to be said that the vaccination rollout has been a complete success and he and Matt Hancock deserve massive credit for this. Of course, so do the NHS, the volunteers and obviously our magnificent armed forces.

    We have vaccinated more of our citizens than all of the EU countries put together and in this single act we have proved that 17.4 million Brits were bang on the money when we voted for freedom, sovereignty and self-determination.

    Boris was completely right to stand up to Ursula van der LYING and the bully boys of the EU commission when they tried to nab our jabs. Now, Boris must show the same determination and face down the 70 dangerous rebels on his back benches who are trying to force him to open up too early.

    Robert Halfon, Tory chairman of the Education Select Committee, is stating that, “we need to make sure March 8 is signed in blood, not just a line in the sand.”

    Meanwhile, the self-titled, Covid Recovery Group of 70 Tory backbenchers are warning that they would not tolerate any more delay.

    The idea that they are trying to force Boris to sign his lockdown exit in blood in return for their support in the Commons is frankly ludicrous and downright dangerous. How can you set a date in stone with a pandemic?

    They all need to remember that Boris was the person who won them their majority and without him there is a very real danger that Corbyn could be in power and we could still be in the EU.

    We need a break from endless Covid debate

    These Tories need to get a grip and realise that most of the people in the country don’t even recognise them let alone know who they are. They do not represent the majority view.

    Look, we are all, myself included, fed up to the back teeth of the lockdown and the restrictions on our lives but I think the vast majority of people, as evidenced by all the polls, support Boris and the lockdown measures.

    They also understand that we are hopefully in the final lap and that with the vaccines, which again the majority are signing up for, for we will get back to normality soon.

    Likewise, most people support the idea of a Covid passport so that we can get travelling again and indeed it would appear that most  have no problems with the no ‘jab no job’ philosophy too.

    Outside of the Westminster bubble, the MSM and the paranoia of the lockdown sceptics including these back-bench covidiots, people just want to feel safe and the majority, just as in the war, are willing to sacrifice some freedom for now for liberty later.

    A healthcare worker fills a syringe with the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccine at Thornton Little Theatre managed by Wyre Council in Lancashire, Britain January 29, 2021

    The idea that Boris has a cunning plan, aided and abetted by Bill Gates and Big Pharma, to keep us in lockdown forever, is both stupid and reckless.

    We already have a problem with some people refusing the vaccine and a particular problem in certain communities without these idiots adding to it.

    Just imagine if Boris did open up too early against the advice of his scientists and the virus spread again? He would be crucified by the same commentators, newspapers, radio stations and MPs who are screaming so loudly now about freedom.

    Of course, most sane people realise that if Boris has acted quicker way back in March and imposed a real lockdown like they did in Australia and New Zealand and not a lockdown lite we might have been out of this danger by now.

    But he didn’t and we are where we are.

    Look we all need hope and we all need a holiday, even if it is only to get away from the endless Covid debate but I don’t want to trade two weeks in the sun for a lifetime of regret and grieving when our family members start dying a few weeks later.

    Also, why is there a desire to fly off to foreign climes when the vaccination rate in those countries is nowhere near as good as ours?

    If we are going have a holiday this year it should be in the UK and let’s face it after today’s economic figures the UK needs our cash more than the Costas.

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