19:50 GMT26 February 2021
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    The latest attacks on black footballers including national hero Marcus Rashford are a disgrace and would never be published or allowed in any tabloid newspaper.

    Are tabloid newspapers really the gutter press?

    If they are, where does that leave Twitter and Facebook?

    In the sewer, the cesspit of their own creation?

    But Twitter and Facebook, hiding behind the lame and clearly false claim of being just a tech platform and not a publisher, get away with having all kinds of racist filth, lies and misinformation on their sites.

    Then these sites act as self-regulating moral crusaders and censors deciding which political views are acceptable and which are not. They can cancel anyone and any view whenever they fancy whilst simultaneously pushing their woke agenda.

    Let’s remember the new media oligarchs who run these companies have been elected by absolutely NO ONE in any country, at any time!

    However, they have the right to censor the President of the Free world and thousands of other accounts that support him?!

    The excuse that they are private businesses and it is up to them who they allow on their platforms no longer holds water.

    By throwing Donald Trump off their platforms they have clearly taken an editorial decision and as such, they can no longer claim to be just a tech platform. They are quite simply publishers and like any other publisher from the Sun to the Guardian, they must be held responsible for what they publish.

    No ID – No Social Media Account

    The quickest and easiest way to stop the hate and filth on Twitter and Facebook is to ban anonymous accounts immediately.

    It is frankly disgusting and dangerous that they allow anyone to create an account without having to give proof of their identity.

    You might not like what I say, what George Galloway says or even what Donald Trump says but at least with us three we are not hiding behind a cloak of anonymity.

    Free speech should be protected at all costs but those who express an opinion must always be willing to stand by their comments and argue and defend them.

    Governments starting with ours in the UK must now force these companies to immediately change their sign-up procedures.

    Everyone who wants an account must prove who they are with photo id, proof of address and a real name and photo on their profile.

    Let me be clear there should be NO anonymous profiles on any social media platform.

    Why should anonymous trolls be allowed to make defamatory comments, outright lies and real hate speech about others which would never be allowed in any newspaper or on any TV and radio station let alone in the streets of the UK? The answer is they shouldn’t.

    Robust discussion, argument, opinion and even insult of public figures, of course, should always be allowed but outright lies, libel and misinformation must be stopped.

    The internet and social media sites should have led to the democratisation of all societies around the globe but it has morphed into a lawless wild west of cyberspace where anything goes.

    The oligarchs of New Media are the tech provider, publisher and the moral and legal arbiters of what they allow people to write. This can’t be right. The law of the land must surely be in charge, not the woke warriors in Silicon Valley?

    How ridiculous is it that the Police can request the information of someone who has published lies, racism or anti-Semite views but the tech companies/publishers can refuse to tell Cops who the account belongs to?

    I actually believe that if anonymous accounts were banned then this would not lead to a curtailment of free speech - it would actually increase real debate and the airing of controversial views.

    If you hold strong opinions like myself, Galloway or Trump you should have the balls to stand behind them and argue your point.

    However, what you shouldn’t have to endure is anonymous, often serial accounts, abusing you or lying about you as they react to your argument.

    By removing anonymity, it would also make the Police’s job easier as the same laws that apply to other publishers would apply to social media as well.

    It’s deeply ironic that at this very moment there is a campaign on Twitter to cancel Andrew Neil’s new GB News TV station even before it has started broadcasting.

    The woke warriors behind this campaign self-congratulate themselves on being so right-on and inclusive whilst describing Neil’s new channel as biased and acting as if GB News is a threat to democracy.

    The channel hasn’t even announced its full line up yet, let alone broadcast a single moment of TV but the ‘fascist left’ want to cancel it.

    This, may I add, will be a station fully regulated by Ofcom unlike Twitter and Facebook and will be led by one of the most distinguished broadcasters in the world.

    Twitter and Facebook must be forced to get its own house in order before they allow their users to force their undemocratic agenda and lies on legitimate news outlets like GB News.

    Enough is enough, Governments must wake up and force the ‘woke world’ to play by and abide by the same rules as other media outlets. Then the real open debate will flourish.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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