08:32 GMT25 February 2021
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    I fully agree with Pimlico Plumber boss Charlie Mullins who says ‘no jab no job!’ The usual suspects have gone into their self-righteous fury that he is trying to make Covid Vaccinations compulsory or mandatory when he is doing nothing of the sort.

    Unlike our inept dithering and delaying government, he has a clear vision of how he wants to protect his workforce and his customers and I applaud that.

    He is simply saying that he wants to see a vaccination certificate for new job applicants and I don’t blame him.

    The anti-vaxxer fanatics have already been up in arms about airlines demanding negative test before flying but these dangerous nutcases need to be silenced now or at least ignored.

    Three weeks ago, Brazil banned flights from the UK landing in their country whereas our bunch of ditherers are only getting around to it now. Brazil, of course, is where the nuts come from but it seems to me we have a few nutcases in government.

    The first duty of any government is the protection of its citizens but ever since this pandemic hit us in March it seems to me that Boris and his cronies have forgotten this and are sacrificing us on the altar of Boris’ libertarian beliefs. I thought that he was conservative?!

    He still hasn’t closed our borders, airports and ports of entry. He still allowed people to fly in from Covid hotspots like Italy, New York and even bloody Wuhan itself for months.

    Now we are told that a Brazilian coronavirus variant that could re-infect Covid survivors is already in the UK and has been here for ‘some time’.

    Professor Wendy Barclay, who is head of the Government research unit studying Covid mutations, said the strain was probably introduced to the UK ‘some time ago’.

    I bet it was!

    Behind the curve

    So now Transport Minister, Grant Schapps has at last banned flights.

    Rearrange these words Grant: door, bolted, stable, horse.

    Dr Mike Tildesley, an epidemiologist who advises the Government said the travel ban was "behind the curve" but that it should minimise the risk of the variant spreading to the UK. Let’s hope so!

    However, the simple facts are that Boris has been behind the curve right from the start when he allowed the Cheltenham Festival to go ahead.

    To be fair to him, it is brilliant that the vaccine is being rolled out at such a pace but we do need to speed that up too and that is why we could do with the anti-vaxxers shutting up and the fake news spreaders on the internet being silenced.

    I am fed up of idiots on Twitter telling me that lockdowns don’t work when they clearly do. The first lockdown suppressed the rise which was its aim, and looking at the figures today it looks like it may be having a similar effect this time.

    And both of these lockdowns are not really severe lockdowns in my opinion.

    These same people also then go on to say let’s open up and let it rip but when pressed if they would take the vaccine they bleat that it hasn’t been tested enough.

    Give me strength!

    Boffins have come up with these vaccines in just ten months so of course, the vaccine has not had the usual ten years of testing but that doesn’t mean it is unsafe.

    More importantly, wake up and smell the coffee, you berks, there is a pandemic out there that is killing over a thousand Brits a day.

    That’s just one of the reasons why I support Charlie Mullins in saying ‘no jab no job.’

    I can also see the majority of hospitality venues like cinemas, theatres, pubs and restaurants following suit.

    De facto the vaccine will become mandatory

    So why doesn’t the government grow a pair and just make it fully mandatory now?

    Of course, the usual suspects will start bleating about human rights but what about mine and your human rights to live in a safe country?

    Ever since the MMR scandal started by Andrew Wakefield and the growth of Twitter, people have become ‘experts’ in everything from virology to vaccinations.

    However, most of them are basing their beliefs and ill-thought-out ideas on the headline or 280-characters in a tweet.

    As a result, people go down rabbit holes that are simply echo chambers for their own thick ideas. We are witnessing the largest dumbing down of a nation and the world ever.

    I don’t mind people having a different opinion or belief from mine but I want them to engage in reasoned, well-researched debate, not just twitter soundbites that within a couple of tweets descend into foul abuse.

    But to be honest, in the face of this pandemic and the worldwide death rates, there isn’t really any more time for debate.

    Boris please, start leading mate.

    Close our borders, make the lockdown even harder, forget about posters saying coffee kills and just come down really hard on the Covid deniers and dare I say it make the vaccine compulsory.

    I believe that most people in the UK would fully support you.

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