14:50 GMT29 November 2020
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    Extinction Rebellion and Harry and Meghan should bow their heads in shame for daring to use the poppy for their own pathetic PR campaigns.

    Let’s start with the yobs of XR who thought the ends justified the means by invading the cenotaph on Armistice day and draping their pathetic agit-prop banners declaring, “Honour their sacrifice, Climate change means war.”

    I see the usual lefty woke suspects are bleating that because one of the protestors, Donald Bell, is an ex-army vet he somehow has a right to debase our annual remembrance for the fallen.

    Let me be clear: I don’t care if ‘Dim Donald’ was a Victoria Cross winner, retook Port Stanley on his own or found Saddam Hussain; the man is a fully-fledged dangerous prat who should be in a police cell this morning facing charges.

    Buddhist nurse, Ann White, 53 who also performed in his sick panto yesterday should be in the adjoining cell. Again, I don’t care if she has worked on Covid wards 24/7, found the cure for cancer or is the best nurse since Florence Nightingale or even if she is related to the Dalai Lama she should be up before the magistrates today.

    But of course, they won’t be as they are the ‘right on’ kind of protesters who are allowed to do whatever they want on the streets of the UK to push their woke agenda.

    Unlike patriots who want to protect our statues and monuments, unlike pro Brexit supporters or people protesting about the industrial rape and abuse of young girls in almost every major city by rape gangs, Donald and his ilk appear to be above the law.

    Were the Met police too busy taking a knee yesterday to stop this protest before it even started?

    Were they too busy on a diversity course or painting their patrol cars in rainbow colours?

    Just Where Was Dick of the Yard?

    We, the general public and our brave Veterans were told we could not attend the Cenotaph and other memorials all around the UK because of the pandemic.

    However, these two TWiTS were allowed to actually get on the Cenotaph trampling all over the wreaths of the fallen. Then they were allowed to remain there for over 30 minutes before the coppers arrived. I’m not being dramatic but what if these two were terrorists rather than self-aggrandizing prats?

    We need an urgent explanation from (Panto) Dame Cressida.

    I agree with ex-Royal Marine and Afghanistan hero, Ben McBean, who said that “There are two days when you don't do this kind of crap. One day is Christmas, and one day is Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day is essentially a national funeral. The whole country mourns. You’ve made yourself look like a bit of a fool.”

    The only thing I would disagree with Ben on is the term “a bit of a fool.”

    Donald is a total fool and today it has been revealed he is also a former Heroin dealer who served four years for his crime after police found that back in 2007 he was hiding wraps of smack under blankets in his wife’s wheel chair.

    Not exactly a hero then, more of a zero.

    One of his relatives is now quoted by the Sun newspaper as saying, “I think the drugs fried his brains!”

    However, it appears that Donald clearly doesn’t need smack to fry his brains as he has now compounded his insult to the fallen by describing, on national TV, that Remembrance day is just “a little ritual!”

    That’s the problem with single issue fanatics like ‘Dim Donald’ they vehemently believe that the ends always justify the means and it appears to me that too many cops tacitly agree with them.

    So, when they desecrate our monuments, graffiti Winston Churchill’s statue or swing from the Cenotaph they get the equivalent of a slap on the wrist.

    The cultural Marxists and common purpose idiots who infest every area of public life always give them a virtual get out of jail card.

    So, the gluing themselves to pavements, the disruption of our major cities and the riots continue.

    Meanwhile in LA, Hero to Zero in many of the public’s eyes, Harry and Meghan decide they are so insulted that Harry's wreath was not laid at the cenotaph they are going to hold their own private remembrance ceremony.

    When I say private, I mean they took a tame photographer with them, Meghan did her best Jackie Onassis/Kennedy look in black and they are going to wire their tawdry pictures all around the globe.

    Harry needs to stop bleating and bitching and understand that he has, or rather Ms Markle has, made his own bed and now he has to lie in it.

    To use the poppy as just a prop to guarantee more column inches and publicity for his businesses ventures and upcoming Netflix series is a disgrace to his family, his army record and indeed to the whole of the UK who have paid for his privileged lifestyle.

    Then again, they are the King and Queen of the ‘Woke’.

    So, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they use the same PR techniques of the selfish self-appointed saviours of the planet!

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