05:48 GMT04 December 2020
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    Let’s be honest the UK is NOT going into Lockdown on Thursday. We are tiptoeing into a 'lockdown lite' which is just typical of dithering, delaying Boris Johnson and his Ship of Fools.

    Just like the first lockdown being weeks too late, Boris has again reacted with the speed of a sloth and now we are all facing weeks but probably more likely months of misery.

    No way will this lockdown end by the 2nd of December.

    Boris should have imposed the national lockdown at least two weeks ago and it should have been a total lockdown including all schools and universities.

    The school issue would have been easier as the kids would have been on half term. It pains me to say it, but Kier Starmer was correct.

    I am also fed up to the back teeth of commentators and politicians telling us that the kids have to stay at school for their mental health as well as education.

    Children are spreaders of the virus. They will and are bringing it home to the extended family.

    We need to break this chain of transmission before Christmas. Let me tell you that the loss of a parent or a grandparent to this vicious virus will do more harm to a child's mental and physical health than a few weeks at home having zoom lessons and playing computer games.

    I know this as I lost my mum at Christmas when I was 11 years old and only now am I getting to terms with the effect it has had on my whole life.

    I am also fed up of parents’ saying who will look after their kids if the schools are closed? Well forgive me for being rude but the responsibility will have to fall on you, it is called parenting.

    I’m afraid that we all have to sacrifice a little if we are going to pull through this.

    My dad was evacuated along with millions of other kids in the war. It was for their physical safety, it had to happen. Closing schools is the same or it should be, shouldn’t it? Can we all stop bleating and just get on with it?

    And again, to be fair, Rishi and Boris have listened to people like me and extended the furlough and help for the self-employed (still not enough in my opinion) so if you can work at home, do so, and if not take the furlough and follow the rules.

    Personal Responsibility

    As for students we should confine them to their halls and start mass testing them as the government are pledging to do with the whole of Liverpool. Within a couple of weeks, we should be able to start transporting them back to their home cities in coaches supplied by the army, where they can continue to be educated via zoom. It’s not ideal but we are at war with an invisible enemy and needs must.

    I welcome that at last, but again NINE months too late, Boris is closing our airports and banning holidays both at home and abroad but again why didn't he do this in March?

    However, like Lemmings, people ran to the airports as soon as any foreign location was deemed ‘safe’!


    Is missing a holiday for one year such a blooming big sacrifice that will cause widespread mental illness. No, it flipping isn’t!

    Likewise, Dishy Rishi’s, ‘Eat out to help out’ was a disaster as along with a cheap burger it is becoming apparent that we all got exposed to a side dish of Covid-19.

    Also, it gave us false hope and spread the idea that the danger was over. It wasn’t and it clearly isn’t now.

    We all let down our guard but surely we should have shown more personal responsibility too?

    Because Boris is too frit to enforce a real lockdown everyone is still confused, even Government Ministers.

    We have every two-bit politician, celeb and newspaper columnists spreading their nonsense about letting the virus rip whilst protecting the vulnerable.  Isn’t that what the students have been doing and the number of infections are going off the scale?!

    For god’s sake, even the ex-footballer, Robbie Savage, was given prime time coverage on the BBC to tell us his views on the guidelines and bleat about his kids not being able to play football outside school hours for the duration of the lockdown!

    People have also clearly not been self-isolating after holidays or when they are showing symptoms. They are almost as irresponsible and selfish as those student idiots who have been going to illegal raves or dancing in the street.

    However, a total closure leaves no room for confusion or bending of the rules.

    If a publican has to close and potentially lose his business then Robbie’s kids can miss a knockabout on the common, can’t they, and you and I can miss a week in Benidorm or Cornwall and have a different type of Christmas?

    Collective Sacrifice

    We’ve all got to loosen up a little bit on our sense of entitlement surely? 

    Of course, much of this irresponsibility, confusion and rule breaking can be ‘tracked and traced’ back to Boris and Hancock’s useless communication and lack of clarity over the rules.

    Of course, the fact that inept Hancock has developed a penny shop app rather than a world beating one, hasn’t helped either.

    However, I am surprised how many on the right, many my friends, who are so cynical about masks, the lockdown or even go so far as to say we are losing our liberty and heading towards tyranny. For god’s sake, grow up guys!

    We are where we are and despite our politicians we need to get through this month or months.  Of course, a lockdown won’t beat the virus but it will buy us time and that is what is clearly needed.

    Instead of moaning about loss of liberty we should concentrate on personal responsibility.

    We can’t stop the rain but we can decide to put an umbrella up and we can help others in our communities, including the elderly and lonely get through it.

    Britain needs to get a bloody grip, not just Boris and his cabinet of buffoons.

    We all need to realise we need collective sacrifice to get our lives back to any kind of normal we cannot just blame the muppets in the House of Commons.

    They are not going to save us, we need to save ourselves!

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