07:23 GMT05 December 2020
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    Halloween may have been cancelled but we are living in a dystopian world that even Steven King or George Orwell combined couldn’t have imagined. We are under attack from a virus/enemy that we cannot see and an Islamist terror regime that is all too visible.

    We are being confined to our own houses and separated from our friends and family. We are under siege from a 'Thought Police' and a woke culture that no one has ever voted for and our opinions and views are being silenced, ridiculed or even made illegal. We are being manipulated by a dying mainstream media and their fake news stories.

    Meanwhile real news and opinion is being suppressed by the new social media oligarchs who are clearly pushing their own elite, woke political agenda. Never before have we needed real leadership with a clear direction of travel and a real determined effort to restore and safeguard our basic principles of free speech and freedom of expression.

    However, with Boris all we get is confused messages and lack of clarity which leads to further division when what we need is unity. The handling of Covid-19 is clear proof of this. In fact, this week we haven’t even got that, as Boris seems to have gone 'missing in inaction!'

    Europe under attack

    The terror attacks and the mediaeval style atrocities we have witnessed in France must be condemned by everyone who lives in what is supposed to be our tolerant liberal democracies. However, this didn’t stop Malaysia’s ex-PM, Mahathir Mohamad, tweeting that Muslims have a right "to kill millions of French people".

    ​He also said that freedom of speech does not include "insulting other people".

    Well I am sorry but freedom, real freedom of speech, does include insult and no one who wants to live in the west has a right not to be insulted. His tweet has now been removed from Twitter but only after a massive storm of protest. One has to wonder why that tweet was allowed whilst the social media giants are censoring any comments about the scandal that Joe Biden’s son is engulfed in? Send me your answers on a postcard but not in a tweet or Jack will ban you!  

    It also comes as no surprise to me that the barbarian who carried out the latest atrocities in Nice had only arrived in France a few days ago and was an illegal immigrant. If our leaders had acted quicker about this influx of a potential 'enemy within', maybe we would have been on top of this?

    If we had insisted that our core values are based on tolerance and freedom of speech and expression and that this was and is a non-negotiable position for anyone who wants to live in Europe perhaps we would not be in the mess we are today. Too many people in the media and politics have been too scared of being accused of racism for standing up for our core values and have been afraid to insist that you have to fit in or ship out.

    If the Establishment were as keen to lockdown our borders and protect our democratic liberal values from attack as they are to impose their Covid-19 restrictions perhaps, just perhaps, we would all be safer? Nigel Farage’s infamous billboard poster of migrants during the Brexit campaign and Merkel’s decision to let over a million migrants into the EU without any vetting look a bit different now, don’t they?

    All are equal before the law

    However, when these views were or are expressed on social media you stand a very good chance of having your account suspended. Likewise, on the Mainstream TV and radio channels we hardly ever hear those views and it appears that all guests on those MSM sofas need to be a fully paid up member of the 'Woke' agenda to get on the set. How is this good for either democracy or security?

    Of course, not all migrants are terrorists but by the shutting down of the debate on migration you actually promote more division rather than unity. Our politicians need to follow Macron’s lead and secure our borders and get the troops on the street to protect our freedoms. When Islamist fanatics behead an innocent person in a place of worship they are also attacking free speech and freedom of expression.

    They are also attempting to silence us all in any critique of Islam and they are largely succeeding as people are terrified to even mildly knock this particular religion. Could you imagine a Dave Allen style comedian ridiculing Islam as he did so viciously and funnily with the Roman Catholic church? Of course, you couldn’t. We have comedic appeasement as well as political appeasement in the UK and Europe at the moment and this must change and change now. We must have the same laws applied to all religions and all beliefs with no exception.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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