09:04 GMT18 June 2021
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    We need a national lockdown now and it needs to be even tougher than the one back in March. The present rules and ‘tiers’ are too confusing and will only result in more tears as businesses fail, unemployment soars to early eighties levels and the bodies pile up in the morgue.

    I would also take the radical step of isolating all students now in their halls of residences, testing them and then sending them home to be with their families.

    They should of course be compensated for their rent and student fees.

    All lectures should move to Zoom until at least Christmas and this pathetic mantra of keeping schools open has to be reversed.

    Kids are the spreaders of the virus along with students so they need to be removed from the classroom.

    Let’s bring back Joe Wicks and online learning, and parents need to take responsibility for their children whilst they are furloughed for a fortnight or so.

    Yesterday, Boris talked about the two different extremes of thought on how to tackle the new pandemic but he decided to take the middle route which has done nothing to get the country behind him.

    He is trying to be a servant of two masters and that never works.

    Taking the middle of the road always ends up with a car crash and that pile up started almost immediately with Professor Whitty stating in the press conference that even Tier Three would not be enough to stop the spread of the virus.

    This pile up has been added to this morning with ‘Charisma bypass survivor,’ Minister Robert Jenrick who has stated in several TV interviews that Tier Three may not be enough to halt the spread of the virus and further restrictions may be needed.

    So why are we proceeding with this postcode lottery style of dealing with a deadly disease?

    Anyone with even half a brain can see that we will be in full lockdown again in a couple of weeks so lets just get on with it. Many of the problems we are now facing are directly traceable to Boris’ earlier dithering and delaying, so let’s not wait, let’s crack on.

    This morning the Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, is saying that he would prefer a short sharp shock of a lockdown and I agree with him.

    System Failing

    Boris’s announcement was meant to simplify the rules and make them more understandable but they have done the exact opposite and also created a dangerous North/ South divide which will take time to heal.

    Do you understand the rules at the moment because I, sure as hell don’t?

    When does a pub become a restaurant? What is a substantial meal and how ridiculous is it that Wetherspoons will remain open whilst theatres remain closed.

    I could go on but let’s just cut to the chase and unite behind a time limited national lockdown with adequate compo for those most affected.

    Before you start bleating that the UK cannot afford it, ask yourself the question can we afford to be constantly yo-yoing between lockdowns and being open. The present system has failed and will continue to fail.

    According to the latest polls the public would also back a time limited circuit breaker too as long as the rules were clear and businesses and individuals were compensated.

    Back in March we did unite as a country and we did accept the draconian lockdown and I believe there is a window of opportunity to make this happen again.

    News is breaking today that Sage wanted a total national lockdown three weeks ago “to avoid a Covid catastrophe.”

    Boris rejected their advice and look where we are now?

    Boris is always stating that he is following the science but he is clearly not doing so.

    I know there is a debate about whether Whitty and Valance are giving the correct advice but they are the ones he picked. So, he should back them or sack them.

    We need to unite to win and we need to protect those who are suffering the most from the virus and indeed from the restrictions that are bring imposed.

    That means that Rishi’s pathetic offer of paying only two thirds of low paid workers wages in the hospitality sector needs to be rejected and revised.

    How dare a multi-millionaire like him suggest that people can get by on less than the minimum wage?

    People who have built up pub businesses, music or wedding venues also need to be compensated during any enforced closure on the same terms as they were in the first lockdown. It also means that any closure needs to be kept to a minimum period of time and not allowed to drag on.

    What we need to do is come together as a country but our elected representatives in local and national government are treating the fight against this vile virus like a political football and are just content with scoring political points as they retreat to their tribal bunkers.

    Tipping Point

    “A pox on both your houses” was the only conclusion to come to as I witnessed the political tribal fighting in the Commons on Monday and on the Breakfast news channels this morning.

    I was disgusted with the whole political establishment on all sides of the house and to mix my classical illusions they are all fiddling whilst Rome burns.

    When I looked around the commons at the muppets who are about to pick up a pay rise of three and a half grand after getting 10 grand just a few months ago for working from home I had to wonder how many of these people who wish to rule us have actually run a business?

    What do they know of the real world and the pressures faced by the people who elect them? When were they last on the minimum wage?!

    Likewise, the tired and old social commentators on TV and the MSM columnists who have never done a real day’s work in their life. The irony of course is that most of these goons have always worked from home and are certainly not on the minimum wage.

    Yes, we should be concerned about the economy but the first concern should be the health of the nation.

    Unless the self-servers in Parliament understand this and understand this quickly we will be at a tipping point but not the tipping point they imagine.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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