05:07 GMT25 October 2020
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    Rishi Sunak says he can only save viable jobs! Really?

    The dictionary definition of viable is 'capable of working successfully'.

    Well, why are so many jobs unviable or not capable of working successfully Rishi?

    Could it have anything to do with the fact that your boss was too slow to tackle COVID?

    I don’t want to be rude, Rishi, but jobs in the airline and travel industry, theatre, music venues pubs, and the hospitality sector are only not viable because of your useless governments’ handling of the pandemic.  It’s Largely to do with your lack of clarity, and confused and contradictory policies.

    Many sectors of the economy are still not open and look unlikely to open for ages and this is not the fault of the workers, is it?

    These jobs need protecting and these sectors need help and to hell with the cost of it until they are capable of working successfully again.

    Granted, no one could have anticipated that we would be under attack from this invisible enemy but surely for a government itself to be viable it has to protect the most vulnerable members of the community. You cannot just send them to the scrapheap.

    If unemployment rises to nearer 10 percent our very society may well not be viable

    I’m old enough to remember when employment was last at this level and the words of the Specials’ song, Ghost Town are beginning to reverberate in my head.

    I can see mass civil unrest once people actually cut through Rishi’s smoke and mirrors performance yesterday and realise that they have been sold a half-price burger in exchange for their jobs. A clear case of ‘let them eat junk food’.

    Rishi’s new proposals are all about cutting the cost of government spending and not about doing the first duty of any government which is the protection of its people, all of its people.

    If we really are at war with this virus then we have to pay whatever it takes to defeat this vicious enemy.

    I am also fed up of well-paid journalists and BBC presenters trotting out their Ministry of Truth propaganda that the furlough scheme was costing too much. I guess they think, especially in the BBC, that their jobs are always going to be viable?!

    Does Rishi and the BBC really believe that it is ‘viable’ for businesses to pay 55 percent of an employee’s wage for working 33 percent of their time?! Especially when the business’s income has been slashed by law with things like the pub curfew and the silly random rule of six?

    Of course, it is not. Employers will not pick up the bill for this and as a result, millions will end up on the dole.

    Whole sectors of our economy could be lost forever.

    Already people like Andrew Lloyd Webber are saying theatres may never re-open. That’s before we consider the plight of lower league football clubs, Rugby, Horse racing and many other social activities we all love.

    Rishi says that it’s “time to live without fear.” Is this a viable proposition when his own government have been telling us this week to work from home, not use public transport, wear a mask and not to go to the pub after 10?

    This is also in complete opposition to Boris’ message, isn’t it?

    It seems to me and many others that there is clear division at the top of our government.

    This is not the time for political infighting between Boris and Rishi, we need unity and clarity. We don’t need Rishi making a play for the top and posing for photos in his skin-tight white shirt like some boy band auditionee.

    Talking of unity, is it viable that we have different rules in different parts of this ‘Disunited Kingdom’?

    Boris has to take the lead on this and start to have weekly, even daily meetings, with the leaders of the devolved governments and the elected mayors of the major cities in the UK.

    We need unity and a joint plan.

    This virus does not respect borders so how viable is it that we have different rules on social bubbles in Scotland than England?

    How viable is it to launch a clampdown or a curfew without consulting the police federation on how the officers they represent are meant to enforce it?

    How viable was it sending kids back to university?

    Clearly it was not viable at all as COVID is spreading quicker amongst students than a cannabis joint.

    Now the muppets are putting forward a totally unviable proposal that students should self-isolate over Christmas in their halls of residence.

    By December in their first term most students won’t have even mastered making tuna pasta or chilli con carne let alone how to wash their clothes. I joke, but does anyone in the real world really believe that kids will not break the law and travel home for Christmas? Of course, they will.

    What’s Viable?

    It would have surely been much more viable to tell kids to stay at home for this first term especially as all lectures are being held on Zoom anyway.

    How viable was Rishi’s eat out to help out scheme which actively encouraged people to go out? With hindsight it was clearly too early to take the breaks off and this initiative has clearly contributed to this new spike in cases.

    How viable is Hancock’s world beating trace and track app? Answer: it is not viable as it took much too long to launch, and it doesn’t work on many phones.

    How viable was Dido? She didn’t even anticipate a rise in request for tests when the kids were sent back to school!

    I will you tell what is NOT viable, Rishi, and it is your new plan.

    It’s looking increasingly likely that your government is also not viable.

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