07:06 GMT28 October 2020
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    How dare Boris Johnson blame us for the mess he has created? His performance last night resembled a liberal out-of-touch headmaster trying to impose his authority over school uniform rules after some sixth formers have already torched the science block.

    Boris didn’t so much give an address to the nation last night but a mild rebuke and as per usual it was too little too late. His basic message was that we all have to ‘follow the rules’.

    The bare-faced cheek of it!

    Why didn’t he say that to Dominic Cummings when he went to get his eyes tested?

    Why didn’t he do that when he was shaking everybody's hands and saying we didn’t need to wear masks and then went down with Covid?

    The British public have been magnificent during this pandemic. It is the politicians and their advisors who have let the side down. He talks about common sense being our biggest weapon to fight against Covid.

    Stop sniggering at the back!

    Yes, Boris and that is why I and many others were screaming at you to cancel Cheltenham in March but instead, you and Jenny Harries told us it was safe and that masks were not necessary.

    You tell us to follow the rules, but what are the bloody rules?

    You told us to ‘eat out to help out’. We did and many got a good helping of Covid with their half price junk food it would appear.

    You told us to get back to the office but now you tell us to work from home?

    You say you’re putting an arm around us but you’re removing the furlough scheme as you close pubs, theatres and impose a curfew?!

    You told us to send our kids back to school and we did but now nearly a thousand are closed due to Covid?

    You are literally playing Russian Roulette with our kids and their granny’s lives.

    Universities are still open and Freshers are being encouraged to return to their university towns even though most lectures are going to be performed on Zoom. However, now news breaks that 80 students and 7 staff have gone down with Covid at the University of Liverpool and that 500 students at Dundee University are self-isolating!

    It’s a right mess Boris, a right out of touch Eton-led mess!

    You as the PM should be uniting this ‘Disunited Kingdom’ rather than threatening us, the people.

    You should be sharing the stage with Nicola Sturgeon rather than allowing her to upstage you every single day.

    She did the same yesterday by putting in tougher restrictions than you. Mark my words, Boris will follow her lead in a couple of weeks as per usual!  Professor Whitty is already openly saying this in the press, so why the delay?

    Wake up and smell the coffee guys, we are going to have a second national lockdown as other countries like Israel have, so let’s get on with it now and take the pain in a short sharp shock sooner rather than later.

    The public wants action Boris, real action

    A YouGov poll today states clearly that 78 percent of Brits support the changes to the lockdown rules with 45 percent feeling that the new rules don’t go far enough!

    Boris needs to stop listening to the Westminster bubble and start hearing the voices of the people who voted for him and gave him his 80-seat majority.

    Last night’s address was too full of blame with not enough praise and thanks for what we have all collectively achieved so far.

    But also, why can’t Boris apologise for the mistakes he has made and at the same time show some humility and tell us that he has learned from them?

    Rather than boasting that we are testing more people than any other country. Which is the Covid version of the Emperor’s new clothes. He should admit that Hancock was mad to think he could do better than the might of silicone valley and get the army in to help with the logistics of test and trace.

    Also, where was the carrot to go with the stick? You simply cannot take away people’s livelihoods as he has done with his imposition of the curfew to the hospitality trade without telling people how you are going to help them. It’s clear that Rishi Sunak is going to offer some support or a repackaging of the furlough scheme for the hospitality trade, pubs and theatres but why that couldn’t have been said last night. You need to give people hope.

    Boris was too slow to react to this pandemic and he seems to be repeating the pattern again now. He is no longer just performing U-turns, he is also performing the political equivalent of Formula one donuts.

    This madness has to stop.

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