14:21 GMT23 September 2020
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    Another hot sunny day, so watch our population boom. No, I am not talking about ‘lust in the sunshine.’ I’m talking about the invasion of migrants trying to land in Dover.

    Yesterday was a record for the numbers who arrived on the beaches. A record that Priti Patel and the whole government should hang their heads in shame over.

    They should also be shamefaced over the fact that most of these illegals will never leave our shores. I’ve just watched a BBC report, Yes, they have eventually decided they have to report on this invasion, and the reporter explained that coaches were arriving to take them around the UK.  

    No doubt to the four-star hotels where thousands of asylum seekers/illegals are already holed up complaining about the food!

    To be fair, he did say that they will all face COVID-19 checks and be given masks before they board their air-conditioned coaches but the if the BBC are only now reporting it you have to wonder how many have arrived before and have not been checked?

    Let me be clear, I am not against the individuals who are trying to improve their lives by escaping the hellholes they come from and get to the UK to improve their lives. However, I am sorry we can’t let everyone into Blighty and we certainly can’t let these lot in just because they have jumped the queue and jumped into a rubber dinghy or onto a lilo.

    The BBC are leading their biased news by concentrating on the dangers of the heatwave but I don’t know about you, I’m more concerned by the fact that our borders have more holes in them than Jamie Oliver’s overpriced colanders.

    Nigel Farage has been banging on about this nonsense for weeks. However, the MSM have completely ignored it, until almost single-handedly Nigel forced them to address it by the millions who have been watching his homemade videos of these people arriving and then the hotels they are being put up in.

    For his troubles, Nigel has been branded a racist …. again. Sky news seems more concerned with his language than the actual ‘invasion.’

    But it is clear that without his persistence the MSM and, more importantly, Priti and the government wouldn’t have got off their backsides and done something about it.

    Rishi Sunak now says he is frustrated! Frustrated? He should be and as furlough ends and we all end up on the dole there will be millions of Brits who are more than frustrated, mate.

    French Connection

    Priti is now declaring, about three months too late, that she is going to send the navy in, (have we still got one?) to sort it out.

    I will believe this when I see it but I ‘m certainly not holding my breath.

    How nonsensical is it that we have been under virtual house arrest for months and not been allowed in hotels or on the beaches but these illegals have been a virtual green light to enter our green and pleasant land.

    I thought that the UK and the French had set up a joint intelligence operation months ago to sort this problem out? How many of these filthy people smugglers and criminals have been arrested let alone found guilty of this modern form of slavery?

    The French may as well hand out English phrasebooks and our benefits to these people in Calais before they jump aboard their unsafe boats as the French are doing sweet fa to stop these people.

    The French seem to be mad keen to claim all the fish in the channel but wash their hands of their responsibility for desperate people who left their beaches heading across the busiest shipping lane in Europe.

    They should be intervening long before the illegals can see the white cliffs of Dover and they should be towing these boats back to their shores.

    It gets worse though because what the French actually do is escort these pitiful people into the UK waters rather than towing them back to France.

    Their excuse is pathetic. They say that the migrants threaten to jump in the sea if they intervene? Well, let them. Then pull them out of the sea and take them back. Once back on French soil, burn the bloody boats.  It’s not rocket science is it? The sight of all of those inflatables in a compound in Dover is stomach-churning to me.

    A ferry departs from the Port of Dover in Dover on the south coast of England on July 12, 2020.
    © AFP 2020 / JUSTIN TALLIS
    A ferry departs from the Port of Dover in Dover on the south coast of England on July 12, 2020.

    Stop Being a Soft Touch

    I want to see a bonfire of the dinghies and to hell with the environmental consequences! I want the torching of the boats to be filmed and plastered all over the news channels and social media so we send out a tough no-compromise image of fortress UK.

    I also want to see the airconditioned coaches heading straight to the ferry ports and these illegals being returned to France like they are beginning to do in Italy.

    I thought that the idea was you claimed asylum in the first safe country you come to?

    I wasn’t great at geography but I do know we haven’t got a border with Sudan, Tunisia or Somalia.

    This is just another classic example of how the EU is as much use as a chocolate fireguard when it comes to illegal immigration.

    To all the snowflakes and uber-liberals who say my language or Nigel’s is inflammatory they should concentrate on the fact that organised criminal gangs are the villains here who are pocketing up to 5 grand a time to smuggle these people into the UK.

    These handwringing social media warriors need to remember that we are one of the most tolerant and welcoming countries in the world. Look at our response to the plight of three million people in Hong Kong or our offering of aid to the people of Beirut.

    As I write this, at 10 in the morning, it has been announced that at least 100 illegals have already landed today so yesterday’s record is going to be easily beaten.

    I am just waiting for the usual suspects of Lily Allen, Gary Lineker, JK Rowling and Benedict Cumberbatch to start offering rooms to these migrants in their mansions. Dream on Gaunty!

    Priti, get your finger out, burn the boats and film the migrants being deported.

    It will send a signal around the world that we are no longer a soft touch. All their mates in Calais will see the deportations, as let’s face it, they all appear to have a mobile even if they don’t have a passport or evidence of where they’re from.

    It is time to ignite the bonfire of this immigration insanity.

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