21:15 GMT12 August 2020
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    Shamima Begum is a traitor. When, and unfortunately it is WHEN and not IF, she lands back on UK soil she must be arrested for treason and locked up immediately on remand.

    Then we need a trial as quickly as possible and hopefully ‘12 good men and true’ will find this ‘terrorist’ guilty and we can lock her up and throw away the key.

    Maybe a jury of normal people can do what clearly the majority of bewigged buffoons cannot, which use common sense and protect the citizens of the UK.

    Begum gave up her right to British citizenship when she stole her sister’s passport and along with the other two so-called Jihadi brides left the UK to fight and support the murderous fascist death cult, Islamic State.

    Sajid Javid was completely correct to say that she had no right to come back to the UK when he was Home Secretary. The only regret is that he didn’t stay in office long enough to get a new treason law in place as he promised to do. So now it’s over to you, Priti.

    Politicised Nonsense

    But first, let’s deal with the fact that three unelected judges with their barmy liberal decision yesterday have undermined the democratically elected Government and the vast majority of British citizens who pay their wages.

    This is just the latest decision by an out of touch judiciary who are more concerned with the human rights of terrorists than the protection of us all.

    Maybe it is time now to seriously consider the election of our judges and after the hand wringing, limp policing we have witnessed recently what about electing Chief Constables too?

    Before the liberals start screaming that this would politicise the law and judiciary, wake up and smell your skinny soy lattes, the police and judiciary are already politicised.

    They are infested with Guardian-reading, EU supporting, Human rights fanatics who all sing from the same hymn sheet and are completely distanced from the mainstream views of the population.

    Ever since Begum was found in a refugee camp in Syria there has been too much discussion about her plight and too many uber-liberals on the left have been very keen to paint her as the victim.

    Diane Abbot, who wanted to actually be our Home Secretary, wrote an article for the Daily Mirror with a headline that stated ‘Shamima Begum is a grooming victim and is losing citizenship due to heritage.’

    It was nonsense then and its nonsense now.

    To Protect or to Insult?

    Abbot was trying to suggest that Javid was only acting tough to help him become the leader of the Conservative party. No, Diane, he was trying to protect the majority of us and reflecting what we all believe. It was nothing to do with her being a Muslim and everything to do with her being at the very least a terrorist sympathiser.

    For someone like Abbot who held the ambition to occupy one of the highest positions in the UK to compare Begum to the abused girls of Rotherham or other Northern towns is an insult to the those abused girls. She makes me sick!

    Begum left the UK to join a fascist, Islamist state that not only murdered innocents in Iraq but who were also behind terrorist atrocities in the UK, like the slaughter of innocent young girls at a pop concert in Manchester.

    If the Islamic State had won their perverted battle and taken over the West it would be these same deluded liberals who would be getting thrown off buildings, crucified for being gay and getting stoned to death for their husbands having affairs. Why are those on the left so blind to this reality?

    Who is Begum?

    Let’s be clear she is no victim and she is no innocent.

    She has shown no real remorse, with callous statements like this, “When I saw my first severed head in a bin, it didn’t faze me at all. It was from a captured fighter seized on a battlefield, an enemy of Islam.”

    She was clearly advised to moderate her language when this predictably didn’t play well with the British public.

    But now we are meant to believe that she lost three babies whilst she was a supporter of Islamic State and that she is the victim? This is despite the fact that there are serious allegations that she was a member of the so-called morality police in ISIS and assisted suicide bombers.

    Tip of the Iceberg

    But ‘begging Begum’ is only the tip of a massive iceberg because if the Judges get away with this show trial against the British state then there are at least 150 other terrorists who will be pushing to get back into the UK.

    That is, of course, is on top of the 450 Jihadis who have already returned of which only 40 have been charged with terror offences.

    Then you have to factor in, that the security services own figures state that there 23 thousand people living amongst us who wish us harm and at least 3,000 of these are dangerous threats.

    Meanwhile, these judges actually had the temerity to state yesterday that, "Fairness and justice must, on the facts of this case, outweigh the national security concerns, so that the leave to enter appeals should be allowed."

    It’s the same old liberal narrative being built again! If you don’t agree with us, the liberal elite, then it is you who is the racist, the Islamophobe, the bigot.

    When is This Nonsense Going to Stop?

    If necessary Begum could have had her appeal heard via Zoom but of course that is not the liberals aim, they know that once she is back here there is zero chance of her ever leaving and probably little chance of her being sent to prison.

    Before you know it, she will be the poster girl of the lefty media set. She will get a double-page spread in the Guardian, a book about the way the UK is Institutionally racist and unjustly treated her, a film and then the ultimate tribute - a role in a reality show, ‘I’m a terrorist get me IN there.’

    Joking apart, this nonsense has already cost an estimated 300 grand of legal aid and guess who will be paying for her future costs?

    This farce, this politically correct pantomime needs to end now. Let’s have a new law on treason, the election of judges and top cops and let’s look after the decent silent majority in the UK, and not the enemy within.

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