07:12 GMT04 July 2020
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    Is Baldrick writing Boris Johnson’s ‘cunning plan’ to get us out of lockdown?

    Well how else can you explain the complete lack of clarity over this inept Government’s handling of the pandemic?

    The latest rules on weddings would be laughable if it wasn’t so damaging to so many couples dreams as we enter the main wedding season.

    What’s the point of having a wedding if a Dad can’t walk his daughter down the aisle and you can’t invite more than 30 people, including the staff, to your reception?

    But of course, the ‘piece de resistance’ of the new policy is that couples will have to hand sanitize after exchanging rings!

    Does the Government believe that young couples are that chaste that they haven’t exchanged more than rings before they marry? Forget about ‘Piece de resistance’, this lot could not organise a ‘Piece up in a brewery!”

    A Tale of Two Cities

    What about the tale of two cities we witnessed yesterday. Leicester was put back into lockdown whilst some YouTuber influencer called Canking (No, me neither!) was performing a ‘mass meet and greet’ with his fans in the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham! 

    The meet-and-greet was advertised on the ‘star's’ Instagram as ‘Canking's Covid Fi Dead Meet and Greet.’ (likewise, haven’t got a clue what that means either!)

    Footage taken at the ‘meet and greet’ shows the YouTuber greeting excited fans with fist bumps as they crowded into the shopping centre.

    And yes, you’ve guessed it, the police were pictured at the event wearing face masks and keeping a big social distance from the crowd instead of getting in there and stopping this dangerous unlawful event.

    How much more of this hypocrisy do we have to put up with?

    The rules are clear, no gatherings of six or more. Unless of course you are a BLM protest, rioting thugs in Brixton, on a beach in Bournemouth leaving your litter behind or some no mark YouTuber who thinks it’s funny to put his fans at risk by organising events like yesterday.

    The Police don’t just seem to want to obey social distancing they literally want to distance themselves from doing their bloody job which is to police and enforce the law.

    On that note, how the hell are the cops going to impose the lockdown in Leicester and the other 38 towns that might join them. They will be literally ‘Piecing in the wind” as drinkers head up the M69 to Coventry.

    Meanwhile Dick of the Yard declared yesterday that she was going to turn into Robocop on Saturday when the pubs re-open if people flout the Covid laws.

    So once again it will be the decent silent majority, maybe not that silent after 3 months without a pint, who will be targeted by Cressida Dick and her common purpose police ‘service’.

    Meanwhile to divert attention from these unworkable plans, Boris has declared ‘hard rain’ on the civil service with the removal/sacking/resignation (Choose which one fits your bias) of his top civil servant Mark Sidwell. However, when is he going to root out all the other remainiacs and cultural Marxists in all the other positions of power in the country, the people who hold the real power?

    The ones who infest the social services, the probation service the judiciary, the police…do I need to go on?

    If the police or the judges want to covertly or publicly declare their political views by taking a knee or writing newspaper columns then let’s have a level playing field and make them stand for election with a clear manifesto of what kind of cop or judge they are going to be as they do in the USA.

    I can hear the bleats of the snowflakes already! ‘But Jon that would politicise the police or the judiciary!’ Wake up and smell your soya skinny latte, the police and the judges are already politicised just like the BBC and the MSM.

    Who Needs Elections?

    We voted four years ago for Brexit, Boris was elected with an 80-seat majority and whether you like it or not Donald Trump won the US Election but you would never know it with the state of the UK and the wider world at the moment.

    No one elected the book burners and statue topplers.

    No one elected the civil service who have been doing everything they can to halt Brexit.

    No one elected the cultural revisionists who want to alter our history and our literary tradition.

    No one elected the vandals who have desecrated everything from a Dickens museum through Churchills statue to the Cenotaph.

    No one elected the Ministry of Truth, in the shape of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, to spit out their bile and their barely concealed contempt for ordinary patriotic Brits.

    No one elected soft politically correct fools who think it’s a good idea to let out knife wielding maniacs or shorten their sentences.

    No one elected people to turn a blind eye to illegals arriving on the beaches of Dover.

    No one elected people to create a situation where asylum seekers/illegals feel it’s okay to moan about living in a chain hotel in Glasgow and complain about the timings of their free meals.

    We actually voted for a government and a country that would put the UK and its citizens first. That would put the Great back into Britain.

    Of course, no one could have envisaged the covid pandemic but we were already, and still are, in the grip of a much more dangerous pandemic of ‘woke’ political correctness that is now morphing into a coup.

    The UK is becoming increasingly unrecognisable to most Brits who live outside the bubble of Westminster and Twitter.

    Forget locking down individual cities Boris and just unlock us from this ‘woke’ revolution and give us back our country.

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