12:40 GMT11 July 2020
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    Boris’s plans for ‘Super Saturday’ and the ‘new normal’ don’t seem anything like normal to me.

    The only thing to celebrate yesterday was the announcement that the boring daily press conferences were ending.

    As for making an appointment to go to the boozer and only being allowed to meet one other family in the pub - that would actually drive me to drink!

    The idea that I have to sign in to have a pint is a complete attack on my civil liberties if it was ever workable, which it isn’t.

    How about the fact that Pubs will not be able to show the football or play music under this new Government guidance?

    Anything which forces people to raise their voice and shout to be heard is no longer going to be allowed when pubs open their doors once again.

    Have these upper-class fools ever been in a real boozer?

    What’s the point in going to a pub with these restrictions?

    Put simply if it’s not safe to have a proper pub, what on earth is Boris doing opening them? Are we being used as Lab rats again to test just how safe it is out there?

    He’s dropped the 2-metre rule, sort of, but it looks like the ‘Chuckle Brothers’ of Valance and Whitty are not keen on it and are effectively doing a Private Frazer from Dads Army and telling us ‘we’re all doomed!’

    Passing the Buck

    Also, I thought kids hadn’t really suffered with COVID -19 so why are they opening pubs before schools?

    Why are barbers and hairdressers allowed to open with the staff wearing masks but forbidden from asking, ‘are you going anywhere nice on your holidays’, but nail bars are still firmly shut?

    However, even if we are asked about going on holiday we won’t be able to give a straight answer as the quarantine policy is so confused.

    Why is it safe to open cinemas but not theatres?  As a result, many theatres are going to go bust, especially as panto season is being cancelled all over the UK

    The MSM are orgasmic over the promise of lifting some of these restrictions but I’m far from convinced that I and millions of others want to live in this ‘new normal’.

    You would have to be a pretty sad individual to need or want to go to a pub or restaurant under these “hazmat” rules, wouldn’t you?

    I would rather stay at home, with a glass of red and watch the football on my own tele where I can jump up and down, swear and shout like a trooper and not worry about who has just used the loo!

    This ‘new normal’ has taken all the fun, the spontaneity and sheer joy out of life.

    I can’t help but feel that this relaxation is more about passing the buck on any future outbreak rather than our actual safety.

    Boris knows he has made a complete cock up of this pandemic and that shortly there will be the inevitable public inquiry about where he and his government have gone wrong including the disastrous decision to lock down at least a week too late.

    It was great to see Boris bouncing back yesterday and he did seem to have a new optimistic attitude which is welcomed but he is still not displaying a spine.

    Wrong Signal

    His mantra of “caution will be our watchword” is the wrong signal to send.

    We have all done our bit to help the NHS and we have flattened the curve.

    We will all continue to wash our hands and be sensible but we have to face facts, even me who wanted a stricter lockdown, that this pandemic mostly affects the elderly in hospitals and care homes and it is they who need to be protected.

    The rest of us now do not need to be wrapped up in cotton wool. Certainly, Boris wasn’t covering the black lives maters protestors up in bubble wrap these last few weeks, was he?

    Macron has told the French to embrace life and get on with living. Why is Boris still trying to push operation fear on us and treating us as mugs?

    We know the risks and we know the precautions we need to take so do we really need Boris treating us like naughty kids?  He is suggesting that we should be eternally grateful and obedient as he hands back our precious civil liberties like Corporal Jones giving us our meat ration.

    Is Boris being cynical and preparing to blame us if a second wave hits in the winter?

    Stop the Spin!

    Boris and Cummings need to stop the spin and instead be preparing for winter and make sure this great country is never caught short again on PPE.

    He should be dealing with the care home scandal so that our elderly are never again shoved in them to die.

    He should be pushing forward his plans for a drive against obesity and changing our dietary guidelines.

    He should be protecting us from being stabbed to death in a park on a sunny afternoon by not allowing more mad men to be released early to go on killing sprees.

    He should be telling the Police to police and not to worry about whether a rude sign trailing behind a plane is a crime or not.

    He should be concentrating on the very real threat of thousands of Jihadists living amongst us and be prepared to deport those who hate our way of life.

    At the same time, he needs to stamp down hard on extremists from the left and right who wish to use race to divide us.

    He should be uniting the nation to protect our culture, history and our traditions.

    We are grown-ups and we have all grown up during the lockdown and I now demand to be treated like one, what about you?

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