18:19 GMT16 January 2021
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    What’s the difference between Nigel Farage and Neil Ferguson? One is a ‘criminal’, the other isn’t.

    The ‘Bonking Professor’ thought it was okay to break the law and his own draconian advice of ‘stay home and save lives’ so that he could invite another man’s wife over twice to his pad. The other is a legitimate journalist and therefore a key worker who has broken no laws.

    So how come Farage has had a late-night visit from the police but no further action is being taken by the cops against the stinking, ‘do as I say not as I do’, hypocrite Ferguson?

    IT couldn’t possibly be because the Prof and his lover are lefty, fully paid up members of the Guardianista, could it?

    Whereas, in the eyes of the common purpose, cultural Marxists that infest the media, the police the education system and all political parties, Nigel Farage is a right-wing nutjob bordering on being a racist fascist.

    The facts are of course that Nigel is a leader of a legitimate, legal political party who had the most MEPS in the EU out of any other single party in the UK. Not only that he is a legitimate journalist/broadcaster who is therefore classified as a key or essential worker according to the Government and can travel to cover stories during the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Entrenched Prejudices

    Now, just for the record let me state that I don’t think he needed to travel to cover this story.

    I do think it is right that he wants to discuss the fact that there have been over 3 thousand illegal migrants landing on the beaches of Dover since 2018 but I question the need to travel there at the moment.

    Like Farage I also think the MSM should be covering this story and that our coastguards should not be acting like a maritime Uber service for these people to enter our country.

    It is also extremely concerning that only 5 percent of these illegals have been returned according to home office data.

    However, what this difference in treatment of breaking the lockdown law illustrates clearly is that the Brexit battle and the entrenched camps, battles and prejudices are still in full flow.

    It also illustrates that the Establishment is still stuffed full of remainers who still don’t get the fact the British people voted to leave the EU and confirmed that decision by giving Boris such a massive landslide just a few months ago.

    The remainers are now clearly trying to exploit the virus so they can get an extension to us leaving the EU.

    However, the battleground has moved on to the Covid-19 pandemic and both sides of the Brexit debate are frankly getting on my nerves.

    I have been pretty critical of Boris and his inept Government’s handling of the pandemic almost from day 1 and certainly since March 12 when he decided with his medical advisors to allow the Cheltenham Festival and other large-scale events to go ahead.

    He was wrong then and he is still wrong now on this. Of course, the mistakes have piled up since then too.

    However, when I or other commentators dare to criticize him over this terrible decision, the Brexit brigade decides to accuse me of some form of betrayal or of being unpatriotic.

    In language and ferocity worthy of a North Korean brainwashed lemming they call me every foul name under the sun.

    The most laughable part of this is when the right of the political spectrum, many of them Brexit Party supporters, I presume, start suggesting it is the media (yes all of us) that have created everything from panic buying of toilet rolls, to food shortages, to the lockdown and even the rising number of deaths.

    Those on the left are loving this and are happy to exploit it to suggest Corbyn would have done a better job or that Kier SMarmer would perform better.

    Of course, they love to get in there with their accusation that it has been ten years of austerity that has created the PPE shortages. All nonsense, all lefty propaganda.

    Meanwhile, the Open Borders Brigade are exploiting the fact that many NHS workers are immigrants or the kids of immigrants to suggest that anyone who wants immigration control and well-managed immigration is a knuckle-dragging fascist and that we should let everyone in regardless of whether they are legitimate immigrants and genuine asylum seekers or not.

    No one on any side of the political spectrum can deny the brilliant contribution and sacrifices of the people who have been working on the front line and we all have to acknowledge the fact that many are from ethnic backgrounds. I personally thank them. That is one of the reasons why I fully support the Trevor Phillips inquiry into why so many BAME NHS workers and others in that community have been the victims of this terrifying pandemic. But I’m sorry that is not a green light or card to just open our borders, is it?

    People Need Clarity

    Whoever we had elected would have faced the same problems and should have faced the same holding to the fire by our free press.

    For the record, I voted for the Tories and I still believe in normal times that Boris would have been a great Prime Minister. But these are extraordinary times and although I sympathise with him, the plain ugly truth is that we still have to criticize and question those who wish to rule us when we feel it is necessary.

    When a government effectively puts us all under house arrest it is legitimate to question whether the science that is leading to that decision is correct.

    It is certainly correct to point out and call for the sacking of people like Ferguson when they think it’s one law for them and one for the rest of us. I would include ‘two homes Catherine Calderwood’ and Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick in that category too.

    It has to be correct to question the science Boris is following when it appears that we are way out of step on testing and the banning of large-scale events with the rest of Europe.

    It is absolutely correct to ask why, not only this present government but the establishment as a whole were not better prepared for this pandemic and why there was not enough PPE for all staff in the NHS.

    It is also certainly correct to question why the Government’s key messages have had the clarity of the Fog on the Tyne.

    Yesterday’s backtracking on what Boris is going to announce on Sunday was a classic example. It was Boris with his tweets and comments in the Commons that set the tabloid press off on a feeding frenzy of wanting to give us all some hope and good news that the sun was going to shine tomorrow. As I said in my previous column Boris is all about selling the sizzle, not the bloody sausage.

    But it is clear now that there is going to be no real relaxation of the lockdown announced on Sunday. Yes, he may well say you can go out and exercise more than once a day but from my experience, people are already doing that.

    The truth is that we are in for a long hard slog until we get right on top of this virus and now is the time to stop the spin and the BS and false promises of tomorrow and tomorrow and actually treat us like adults and man up to the problem.

    On Sunday, Boris should fess up to his mistakes and state that he has learnt from them and just as Macron has done promise he will keep us more informed from now on.

    Care for the Generation Who Sacrificed so Much

    However, the thing he must do most of all is apologise for the letting down and the ‘systemic State euthanasia’ that has been allowed to develop in our care homes.

    The system and the way we treat our elderly is an absolute disgrace and shames all of us. It is not the fault of anyone party but rather the fault of all of us who seem to have turned a blind eye to what happens to our relatives in their twilight and final years.

    We should all focus our minds on this and instead of retreating to our own political bunkers and hurling insults to the opposition, we need to find some common ground and realise that actually ridding the world of Coronavirus and having a more just and caring society is more, much more important than even Brexit.

    It's all very well clapping the care workers and the NHS. It’s great to marvel at Captain Tom Moore and to watch the Red Arrows fly over a deserted London.

    However, on this VE weekend, the greatest gift we could give the generation who sacrificed so much for us and our liberty is to stop the Brexit bitching, unite and change forever our corrupt care system and honour, respect and love our elderly.

    The views and opinions expressed in the article do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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