21:00 GMT30 May 2020
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    I am sorry but I won’t be downloading Matt Hancock’s new NHS app.

    After being under effective house arrest for over seven weeks, is this surveillance app, that hasn’t even passed the government’s own guidelines, the best they can come up with?

    ‘Test, track and trace’ is just another meaningless soundbite that is meant to convince us that the Government know what they’re doing.

    This app won’t even produce meaningful data unless infections fall from their present rate of 4,000 a day to under 1,000 and there’s no real sign of that happening any time soon, is there? Are you willing to sign up to this app and give away your privacy on that basis? Because I’m not.

    Now Hancock has the temerity to say it is your patriotic duty to download his surveillance app. What the hell has being patriotic got to do with a medical app?

    I can’t help but feel the app is just another PR gimmick to divert attention away from the terrible situation we are now in.

    Scaring People Into Submission

    There’s also been more leaks than a Max Boyce reunion concert over the governments draft proposals for our ‘new normal’ and you don’t have to be Inspector Morse to work out where the leaks are coming from!

    It’s clear we are being softened up to accept whatever Boris puts forward on Thursday or is it Sunday? Why do they keep pushing back the date for telling us what their exit masterplan is? A cynic might suggest that it’s because they haven’t got one.

    These leaks are a classic Government tactic, they paint a picture through these ‘alleged’ leaks that are really draconian but then offer a diluted version later in the official statement and policy. Like lemmings we then accept the proposals and the loss of our liberty.

    However, the vison leaked to the MSM is not just draconian, it is utterly unworkable.

    If I worked in an office, no matter how much yellow and black tape they put all over the desks it would not convince me that we are safe.

    The idea that social distancing will work on the tube is just ‘Bat Sh*t crazy’ and pray tell me when clothing shops open will we be able to try clothes on?

    Then how are schools going to operate, or universities?

    What about sport and football, cinema and theatres and that’s before we get onto the pubs that have effectively been wiped out. I could go on but it is just a waste of my energy!

    After terrifying the population with their Operation Fear mantra of ‘stay at home save lives’ they have, if you believe the polls, scared the nation into submission. People are too scared to go out or back to work!

    Now it appears that the Government are proposing putting low paid workers back into the workplace first and it hard to disagree with the TUC who are concerned about the safety of their members. Why should shop and warehouse workers be used as lab rats?

    The Government Have Painted us Into This Corner

    Their refusal to lockdown on March 12 and their insistence that testing was not necessary for so many weeks is the reason why we are so deep in the mire.

    We should have had a real draconian lockdown as Germany, Italy, Spain and New Zealand did rather than our ‘pick and mix’ version where we even left the bloody airports open and allowed people to fly in from every Covid-19 hotspot in the world.

    We should have been told to wear facemasks in public months ago instead only today is Patrick Valance suggesting it might be a good idea.

    In front of the Health and Social Care committee of MP’s today the buck doesn’t appear to be stopping with anyone and is being passed around quicker than the All Blacks could manage. Jenny Harries and Valance both seem to be sidestepping or swerving the question of both masks and why did we stop testing in early March. Sir Patrick Valance, is now saying wider testing earlier would have been better. Really? So why didn’t we do it and, worse, why we did we stop it in March?

    Talking of New Zealand, where they have had no new deaths now for two days, we need to follow the example of their Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern who announced yesterday that, “We will not have open borders for the rest of the world for a long time to come.”

    Today, It has also emerged that only 273 people out of 18.1 MILLION who arrived in the UK between January and March were actually quarantined.

    No one was even tested at the ports of entry. This was madness. This is the equivalent of letting a serial killer stay the night in your house and babysit your kids.

    Referring to this today, Sir Patrick Valance said, “if you are going to do something on travel you either need to be extremely draconian - stop all travel from all sorts of countries - or it is really not worth trying to do it.”

    He was backed up by Deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries, who said “There are pros and cons which are not necessarily always obvious I think, between managing influx and outflux of passengers but also goods.”

    Not bloody ‘always obvious’?!

    What planet are these barmy boffins living on? Most of the general public knew this was suicidal and made their voices heard but of course Boris was following ‘the science’ and ignored our pleas to close our airports.

    If Boris does not sack these two muppets immediately he will be following them straight out of Downing Street.

    Alive Does Not Mean Living

    Meanwhile our airports are still open and of course today it has been announced that we also have the highest number of Coronavirus deaths in Europe!

    As I have said before Boris needs to get a grip and the UK population need to get angry with him.

    The least he could do is be bold, really bold and Instead of worrying about social distancing on trains, just scrap the white elephant that is Hs2.

    One thing that is clear from the pandemic is that the age of the big office is dead and buried. Even in this mickey mouse blueprint for the ‘new normal’ Boris is suggesting more people should work from home so why doesn’t he get his finger out and scrap HS2 and instead give everyone in the UK proper broadband?

    We need to stop talking about the ‘new normal’ and Boris needs to show us a clear plan just how to get back to normal.

    The normal where a Prime Minister and his Government remember that their first job is the protection of their citizens.

    To be frank this new normal looks worse than lockdown to me.

    The bottom line is that the vison they are painting at the moment might keep us alive but it certainly isn’t living, is it?

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