16:18 GMT30 May 2020
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    Well done to everyone for following the guidelines and working together to try and get on top of coronavirus. BUT, what a pity that those in power are again illustrating the old adage of ‘do as I say not as I do’.

    How ridiculous and totally incompetent is it, that the top three guys in this war against this virus have all gone down with it?

    Don’t get me wrong I have sympathy with everyone who is suffering with Covid-19 but it is self-evident that some people have not been following their own advice!

    I am delighted that Prince Charles has recovered and that the moronic, hypocritical footballer Jack Grealish didn’t kill or injure anyone when he went out on the booze despite telling his fans not to socialise. However, the point is, that the buck for of all of these stories lies with the government’s inability to communicate their message in a clear and concise way right from the first cough of this pandemic.

    I thought that Dominic Cummings was meant to be a master of communication and social media?

    But, just like Boris, Hancock and Whitty he is now missing in action, laid low by coronavirus.

    You literally could not make this up.

    They make Yes Minister and The Thick of it TV programmes look like documentaries. Any script writer coming forward with these plot lines would have been laughed out of the room.

    In fact, Comical Ali, (who can forget him?) Saddam Hussain’s PR man was more in control than Boris and his bunch of boffins and media spinners.

    Snoop Lines

    Now the coppers are acting like a combination of the Keystone Cops and the Stasi overstepping their powers at every turn. However, this is no laughing matter and could even be the start of a police state as ex-Supreme Judge Lord Sumption declared today.

    How can coppers issue warning to citizens for buying non-essential goods when the Government have not identified what is non-essential and what is essential?

    The same with walking, they have not defined how far you can walk or exercise or for how long or even where you can exercise?

    That’s why we have ended up with these superb silly summer stories like coppers using drones to track us or people being given a rollicking for walking in the deserted Peak district?

    Now, days after the curfew was imposed upon us, the Police are at last being issued with guidelines.

    It is like waking up in some bizarre Kafka novel or a perverted version of George Orwell’s 1984 where the Party rewrites history.

    For god’s sake we even have people being encouraged to ‘grass’ on their neighbours if they are leaving the house more than once a day. That is surely a case of walls have training shoes!

    Now don’t get me wrong I do believe we all have a role to play and we should follow the advice of the medical experts when it comes to self-isolation, social distancing and washing our hands more times than Lady Macbeth and Pontius Pilate. But snoop lines in the land of the FREE, no thanks.

    Wrong Tactics

    I also do not understand why firms are being allowed to decide if they are going to close down or not?

    Why are they basically being allowed to decide if they are an essential service or not?

    Why are warehouses still open where they can clearly not practice proper social distancing?

    And of course, the real point is this why are the people working in these places, usually in the gig economy or on minimum wages, being allowed to be exposed to these potential dangers?

    Why is it the poorest in our society who are having to pick up the shi**y end of the stick again as per usual?

    Right from the get go Boris has been more concerned with maintaining his political correctness and libertarian values than protecting us.

    I’m sorry it has to be said that that our government tactics were wrong and too late right from the beginning.

    The simple facts are that the UK was not ready for this pandemic even though they knew it was coming from early January, which is when we should have ordered the testing kits and getting the emergency protective equipment out to our NHS heroes before anyone was hospitalised.

    Why is no one demanding to know why Boris and his inner advisors have not accepted that their ‘herd immunity’ tactic was WRONG!

    Get a Grip and get if Quickly

    They are still spinning and being allowed to spin that this U-turn was not a U-turn but all part of their plan to combat this virus!

    At the same time why did they drop all testing even of medical staff, this is inexcusable.

    If you are going to have a lockdown it has to be a proper and full lockdown as they have put in place in Italy, Spain or China with clear directions.

    In Spain you can only going shopping on your own and police can check that is what you are doing.

    Otherwise you go the other way like South Korea and perform mass testing and shield the most vulnerable.

    But we did neither. In fact it’s even worse as we still have planes landing from China, Italy, Spain and New York with no testing or quarantining of the passengers before they get onto public transport and disperse into our society.

    BUT I am stopped from walking my dog in the countryside more than once a day? What a load of cobblers.

    The sheer incompetence and lack of clarity from those in the establishment whose first job is meant to be the protection of its citizens is actually aiding and abetting this pandemic to flourish.

    They need to get a grip and get a grip quickly.


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