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    2020 Coronavirus Outbreak (496)

    The old political cliché that the thing that Governments’ fear most is 'Events, dear boy, events’ has never been truer than what is happening with Boris’ shambolic, slow and frankly incompetent handling of the coronavirus epidemic. Yesterday’s press conference did nothing to reassure me that he is getting on top of the crisis.

    To be frank, today's cancellation of all football in the UK, Formula 1, tennis and golf has meant his press conference flanked by the ‘Chuckle brothers of Coronavirus’ has been rendered out of date already.

    Herd Immunity

    When he said, 'I must level with you, many families, many more families are going to lose loved ones before their time,’ I actually punched the air. I thought that he had actually got it, and was about to impose school and university closures and the cancellation of major sporting events. But no, it was just more bluster, more delay and prevarication.

    It is clear that his policy is to try and lead us into ‘herd immunity’ where at least 60 percent of us get the virus and therefore build immunity. But I am sorry unlike many I am not willing to be led like a lamb to my own slaughter.

    As I understand it, ‘herd immunity’ won’t work anyway because at the moment we have no vaccination for this new disease.

    This policy will lead to tens of thousands of deaths of mainly elderly people whilst literally we will all fiddle or go to sporting events as the Crematoriums burn.

    Their logic behind this stupid policy is that they are concerned about us getting ‘caution fatigue’ if they go to lockdown too early.

    This is nonsense because as we hear more about what is happening in Italy where bodies are being stored in churches and our own grannies start dying I think most people will fully realise the seriousness of the situation and realise that it is going to go on for some weeks yet and we must all do our bit.

    As per usual though, the Establishment are being condescending and patronising to us the masses.

    Their policy, in effect, is stating that we cannot be trusted to use our own judgement and reminds me of Brexit.

    Lead from the Front

    This is top down policy and is clearly too little too late and Boris should have been more open and trusting of us, the people to get involved and organised to face this killer virus weeks ago.

    Their policy might be okay if every other scientist in every other country agreed with them but they clearly do not.

    Our policy is completely out of joint with every other major country in the world. As the lockdowns start and the lights go off all over Europe it appears Boris wants us to be a beacon for the virus.

    Let’s be frank, Boris’s reaction has been late, confused and incompetent if you believe the former regional director for public health in the North West, Professor Dr John Ainsworth who lashed out at Boris on Question Time last night.

    He warned that, "We’ve had six weeks to get this together, of knowing this was coming and we failed to contain it and we are still vacillating on whether to do it". He also said that Boris should have, "engaged with the public from the beginning, treating them with respect".

    The Professor stated that Boris had "lost the plot" on coronavirus and he is right.

    Let me be clear, as I have been saying for weeks, we need the UK to be put into total lockdown and that includes schools, the tube and all public transport.

    This needs to be led from the front by Boris.

    Follow Singapore and Hong Kong

    It is happening anyway as major companies are telling staff to work from home and the pictures today of the London underground being empty prove this. Now a Tube driver has been diagnosed with Coronavirus, when will this madness stop?

    How many people have to die before Boris stops sitting on his hands and puts our great country into total lockdown.

    I am delighted to see that Jeremy Hunt is now speaking out against the government and of course Rory Stewart is still saying the government has got it wrong and must change policy immediately. He is correct, we should have followed Singapore and Hong Kong’s lead on this weeks ago.  

    They are right and we the people must demand this. Why is Boris still allowing the Gold Cup to continue today when all professional football has now been cancelled until the end of the month. All major sport is being cancelled so just who is in charge of the UK, Boris or our sporting bodies.

    Boris, man up, the science globally appears to be against you, the sports bodies are against you and it is time for you to lead, not dither.

    Let me put it simply: we are being forced into herd immunity and consequently thousands of deaths by Boris and his two experts.

    However, it appears that millions of Brits have bought into Boris’s repeated mantra of ‘keep calm and carry on’ and are burying their heads in the sand. They seem to think our scientists know better than all the others around the globe?!

    However, if herd immunity is going to work then by Boris’ own figures 60 percent of us need to get Covid-19 and if the death rate is 3 percent that could be up to 1.2 million old people dying.

    Are you going to tolerate that? Because I am not.

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    2020 Coronavirus Outbreak (496)
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