00:12 GMT30 May 2020
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    What planet is David Lammy living on? Why is he comparing the deportation of CONVICTED drug dealers, rapists, violent criminals and armed robbers to the disgusting way that Theresa May’s government treated the wholly innocent victims of the Windrush scandal?

    He’s tweeted 'The government is deporting people who arrived in the UK as young as 2, often for one-time drug offences. The lessons from Windrush have not been learned. Lives are being ruined because we don't remember our history.'

    This tweet is completely offensive to people who have lived in the UK for generations and to the people who arrived on Windrush and have led decent law-abiding lives and contributed massively to our society.  

    He should also not be allowed to get away with his inflammatory language which is bordering on incitement.

    Think Before Committing Crimes

    The Home Office has admitted that they were wrong during the Windrush scandal, and of course, those people should have never been deported and lessons, as Lammy says, do need to be learned and acted upon.

    Indeed, an independent review was set up to do exactly that. This report has not yet been published but Lammy has now leaked part of it to back up his wild claims. The leaked draft of the report says that the government should 'consider' ending the deportation of foreign-born offenders who came to the UK as children.

    The operative word here is of course, “consider,” but Lammy is ignoring this and stating that the government are delaying the report as these flights contradict the report’s findings!

    Regardless, these men should have been on the flight to Jamaica on Tuesday and are not innocents and nothing like the Windrush victims. They are convicted criminals who have been playing the system for years and costing us, the British taxpayer, a fortune in legal fees paid out to their leeching human rights lawyers.

    The Charity, Detention Action, had a woman on the radio this morning bleating that one man who had fathered 6 children in the UK would be leaving these kids behind as if that was justification in itself to treat him differently and allow him to stay in the UK.

    I applauded the presenter when he stated, ‘well he should have thought about that before he committed the crime, shouldn’t he?’

    Thousands of Foreign Criminals in UK Jails

    Lammy, in an article in the Guardian (where else), suggested that these foreigners are being punished three times for the same crime.

    He suggests that they had been put in prison and served their time, then held in a detention centre and now deported. But of course, they have been in nick for the crimes they were convicted of, and the reason they have been in a detention centre is because aided and abetted by the ‘Yuman’ rights brigade and their lawyers they have been using every trick in the book to avoid and delay being put on a plane and sent home. But sent home they must be.

    I agree with Sajid Javid and Pritti Patel’s hard-line approach to this issue. Like many in this country, I would go further. I actually want foreign criminals to be deported as soon as they are sentenced rather than having to feed and water these violent criminals in the UK’s overcrowded prisons.

    There are an estimated 13 thousand foreign criminals in the UK nicks as we speak.

    This, of course, will never happen even if the majority of Brits are quite willing that there should be a quid pro quo system in place where our criminal class who commit crime abroad should be sent home too.

    Defence Nonsense

    Of course, the usual suspects have been out in force and they have now been partly backed by the liberal judges in the Court of Appeal, there’s a surprise!  The Court issued an order barring the deportation of more than half of those scheduled to have been on the first flight back to Jamaica following claims that they were denied access to lawyers.

    The charity, Detention Action successfully argued that offenders at two removal centres near Heathrow were unable to get legal advice due to a lack of phone coverage for O2 users caused by a faulty phone mast. This excuse is up there with a schoolkid saying, ‘the dog ate my homework, sir!’ Or am I being too cynical?

    Of course, I support the idea that everyone deserves access to legal advice but heads should roll in the Home Office if it is true that they were slow to recognise the problem and issue sim cards!

    However, I am cheered to see that Number 10 has come out fighting, stating that they offer 'no apology for trying to protect the public from serious, violent and persistent foreign national offenders'.

    It is also not the UK government’s job to rehabilitate foreign criminals as we have enough homegrown scumbags to deal with, don’t we?

    It is also clear that they also think that the Phone mast defence is nonsense stating that the men all had access to landlines, the internet and of course face to face meetings with their lawyers.

    ‘Tough on Crime’ Mantra

    Nadia Whittome, the Labour MP who organised the letter which 170 MP’s also signed criticising the deportations made an astounding claim on Sky TV that 5 criminals who had previously been deported had been murdered when they got to Jamaica.

    When pressed on this incredible claim she admitted that this was information from the Guardian newspaper, there’s a surprise!

    I have lost count, over the years, of how many convicted Jamaican gangsters have suddenly declared that they were homosexual and couldn’t be sent back to Jamaica as they would face persecution or even murder as homosexuality was illegal there and it was once known as the most homophobic country in the world. The ‘bewigged buffoons’ have often agreed with them and allowed them to stay in the UK.

    Lammy in his Guardian article (where else?!) states, ‘Regardless of criminal convictions, it is a breach of human rights legislation to deport individuals to a country where their lives could be in serious danger.’

    In other words, the government should forget that their primary job is the protection of UK citizens and instead should give violent foreign criminals effectively more rights than Brits.

    How ironic is it that it was Lammy’s, Whittome’s and Diane Abbot’s beloved Labour party who brought in the deportation rules as part of their ‘tough on crime tough, on the cause of crime’ mantra years ago?

    How refreshing that we now have a Home Secretary like Pritti Patel backed up by Sajid Javid who is determined to live up to that mantra and actually send out a clear message to all foreign criminals that the UK is no longer going to be a soft touch.

    Now we just need the judges to be in step with the British public but I am not holding my breath on that one!

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