16:31 GMT17 February 2020
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    The Police Force is no longer a Force, it is not even a service, it is a complete FARCE. However, it is not alone as our entire Law and order system is a politically correct joke and is soft on crime and soft on the causes of crime.

    The whole Law and Order system favours the criminal and terrorist rather than the decent law-abiding silent majority.

    So, the publication today by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, Matt Parr saying that the public was losing faith in the justice system’s ability to tackle offending doesn’t come as a surprise to me, but the figures that Matt Parr reveals are worse than even I could have thought.

    In stark terms the stats tell their own story. Only 7.8 percent of recorded crimes in England and Wales result in a suspect being charged.

    He says that the public have realised there is little chance of an arrest or charge, let alone someone being sentenced if your car is screwed or house burgled so people have stopped reporting these so-called ‘volume crimes.’ No sh*t Sherlock!!

    We Need NYC Style Zero Tolerance

    The stats are stark with only 4.2 percent of burglaries reported ending up in someone being charged. Car theft is even worse with only a paltry 3.5 percent ending up being charged.

    Quite simply the whole law and order system has ceded the streets to the feral, the feckless and free loaders.

    Policing in the UK can only work with the consent of the public. It is a contract between us, the public, and the law enforcers but if we feel there is no point in reporting crime or that the cops are useless then that leads us to a very dark place.

    In parts of the UK people are already paying for private security firms to patrol their streets and if this soft touch and out of touch policing style continues for much longer I can see people beginning to take the law into their own hands and vigilantism will occur.

    Theresa May’s 20 thousand Police cuts have undoubtedly had a massive effect on these terrible figures, however, I believe it is more of an attitudinal problem within the upper echelons of our law and order system that is largely to blame.

    Top cops need to stop trying to be social workers or sociology lecturers and remember that their job is simple: just bang up ‘bad uns’.

    They need to stop painting their cars in rainbow colours and dancing in central London with Extinction Rebellion anarchists. The virtue signalling needs to stop and they need to get on with dealing with crime, real crime.

    We need a New York style zero tolerance policy to so called ‘volume crime’ like burglaries and car crime and these 20,000 new cops need to be on the street, not sat behind computer screens stopping free speech or behind a speed camera nicking soft targets.

    Life Must Mean Life

    They need to be backed up by the judiciary and the CPS and all of them need to reflect the wishes and desires of the majority and simply be tougher, much tougher, on crime.

    Why have we got a judicial system where the convicted murderer, Ian Simms, can get out of prison without revealing where he disposed of the body of his 22-year-old victim, Helen McCourt?

    Simms got a life sentence but the only person who is actually serving a life sentence is Helens mum, Marie, who does not know where her daughter’s body is.

    No one should be released if they refuse to disclose this information and most people in the UK agree with me.

    And when did life suddenly become not life? I don’t know anyone who thinks life shouldn't mean what it says. Ian Simms and his ilk should rot in prison until he gives Marie McCourt the truth.

    Touchy Feely Approach has Failed

    That’s before we get started on the early release scheme which has allowed two terrorists to get out and carry on with their murderous campaigns of terror. When did we vote for this hand wringing liberal nonsense, or more to the point, when were we asked if this is the kind of society we wanted.

    I am fed up to the back teeth of saying that I am not a bread and water merchant and I do believe that we need massive investment in prison education programmes but we also need to make our prisons a place of punishment.

    No prisoner should be leaving if they cannot read or write.  No one should be released if they are still addicted to class A drugs.

    Let’s be honest: there are drugs in prison because those in charge of our nicks know that the drugs keep the prisoners in check, they act as a pressure valve to lower tension. This is a defeatist attitude and does nothing to stop the revolving door of prisoners leaving and coming straight back. We need to get on top of the drug epidemic in UK prisons now.

    Today a separate Government report by the National Audit Office says that we will even run out of prison places by 2022 despite the fact that we are building two more prisons.

    According to Steve Gillan, the head of the Prison Officers association, this could lead to the Government having to release even more criminals before they finish their sentences. Madness pure madness.

    Boris and Pritti Patel need to act now. They don’t just need to crack down on the law breakers  they need to also crack down on the lawmakers, the law keepers and the law enforcers.

    The softly, softly, touchy feely approach has failed and must change now before we have real anarchy on the streets.

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