00:41 GMT10 April 2020
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    The dreadful case of Britain’s bravest cop, Stuart Outten, being attacked by machete wielding Muhammed Rodwen, has shocked the nation and should be the turning point in our soft justice system but please don’t hold your breath.

    Now that Boris has got us out of the EU he needs to build more prisons, get some decent judges, and give longer, much longer and harsher sentences.

    The Whole UK Legal System Needs Radical Change

    For too long it has favoured violent criminals, terrorists and their sympathisers. It has failed miserably to punish serious violent and sexual crimes and fails to give any real justice to victims.

    This latest terrible case illustrates just how out of step our Judges are with the people who effectively pay their wages.

    Muhammed Rodwen shouldn’t have even been on the streets to slash and fracture Stuart's head in a totally unprovoked attack with a 12-inch machete. He should have still been in jail for two previous similar machete attacks and he should have got longer for the rape he committed, rather than serving a pitifully short sentence of only 3 years. Three years for rape!?

    However, the judge in his latest case, Mrs Justice Carr, decided not to tell the Jury about his previous convictions ruling that his past offending was inadmissible due to the passage of time. This was despite the jurors asking if he had any previous convictions.

    As a result, this madman was cleared of attempted murder and convicted of a lesser offence of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

    But it gets worse, as jurors also went on to clear him of possessing an offensive weapon after he claimed that the machete he used to slash PC Outten was for gardening jobs! They believed this?!

    Now do you see what I mean about soft justice and the ‘bewigged buffoons’ being out of step with the public?

    We the public deserve to be better protected than this by the law and our ever-thinning blue line also deserve better protection.

    Sentencing him to 16 years today and another 3 years on licence the judge said, 'I detect not a shred of remorse or insight on your part, but rather a belligerent arrogance, typified by your comment when charged that your "life was worth more" than that of PC Outten.'

    Strong Words but Soft Justice

    This man should be locked up for life as he is clearly a serial violent offender.

    He will probably only serve 10 years anyway! But don’t worry, we are being assured that the Parole board will only release him if he no longer poses a threat to the public. Ooh that reassures me, NOT!

    Because this is only the tip of a huge iceberg of soft justice. Only a few weeks ago we had the slaughter of two young liberal prison reformers on London Bridge by a terrorist who said he was ‘reformed’.

    Sadiq Khan, Boris Johnson, and Jeremy Corbyn at London Bridge Vigil
    Matt Dunham
    Sadiq Khan, Boris Johnson, and Jeremy Corbyn at London Bridge Vigil

    No one has yet given an answer to why this ‘conference’ was held in the capital and why serious offenders and terror sympathisers were allowed to attend?

    However, don’t worry about that because as usual we are told that lessons have been learned and it will never happen again!

    The Government have had a chat with Jeremy Kyle and are borrowing his lie detectors to check if terrorists are telling the truth when they say that they are reformed.

    This is one of the worst examples of PR security I have ever heard of and quite literally you couldn’t make this nonsense, up could you?

    I am not a bread and water, lock them up and throw away the key merchant. However, surely the balance of probability should always err on the side of the safety of the public than the ‘yuman rights’ of the people who say they hate our very way of life or who are already serial violent criminals or rapists.

    In simple terms our justice system from top to bottom needs more of Mr Mackay and less of the liberal Mr Barrowclough out of Porridge!

    What signal does this pathetic sentence send out to the feral yobs who are busy murdering each other on the streets of London and our other major cities?

    Tazer and Zero Tolerance

    PC Outten’s life was only saved by using his taser on this monster but every time a copper pulls out his baton, his tazer or let alone a gun, the squeals of the liberal snowflakes are heard all over the media. Coppers are hung out to dry whilst the ‘usual suspects’ infest the airwaves telling us how institutionally racist our coppers are and how prejudiced our courts and prisons are?

    These are the same people, led by the likes of Sadiq Khan, who screamed ‘waycist waycist’ about the use of stop and search and effectively ceded the streets to the drug dealing stabbing yobs.

    Endless hours of debate on why these kids are stabbing each other and talk about cross-county lines achieve absolutely nothing.

    This subject and its solution needs hardly any debate and certainly no interviews with ‘former gang members’. God, those interviews make me want to kick the TV in!

    The reason kids are involved is simple. It is money. Plain and simple. And they are not afraid of the police or the courts. There is no deterrent. We need to impose long sentence for carrying weapons and using a knife should mean you get LIFE.

    Stop and search needs to be extended immediately and all Cops should be routinely carrying Tasers and I would go further to say we need to seriously consider routinely arming all cops. I can hear the uber-liberals bleating already but Boris must ignore their liberal whining.

    In London, I seriously hope that the voters give Sadiq ‘Khant’ the bullet and we get a Mayor who will clean up the streets. We need a mayor and Met Commissioner who is seriously dedicated to cleaning up our capital. If Mayor Giuliani and Bill Bratton could do it in New York with their Zero tolerance policy, why can’t we in London and the UK?

    Where there is a political will there is a way, and Boris with his massive majority and huge public support needs to illustrate that pronto.

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